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POETRY. von Notes, Cath (eBook)

  • Verlag: BookRix
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I've come to the realisation that adulthood is when you have payed your respects to your last trauma. Once you've closed the struggle chapter. Anything that happens afterwards, though it may ruin your heart, will never cause any damage to your mind. The capacity to allow yourself to cry, and finding a solution by the following that prevents you from sobbing about the same thing again is where it all begins. Therefore meaningfully, adulthood has no starting age for debut. Instead, you'll come across a person's ductility. How far they can stretch and bend until they draw their sword and call misfortune on guard. A person can be 45 years old and hate the wind for the way it blows; just like how a person can be 10 years old and have already tried to take their own life.


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