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The Broken Hearts Manual Wall of Love Book 1 von Marchiando, George Anthony (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.01.2015
  • Verlag: First Edition Design Publishing
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The Broken Hearts Manual

George Anthony Marchiando's The Broken Hearts Manual is a passionate dedication to everyone who has a broken heart. In his first published work, Marchiando dedicates his poems to his wife, Theresa Marchiando, his soulmate. He appreciates the way that she keeps him coming back to reality when he's gone. Exploring memories of fierce love and tragic loss, this book serves as a firsthand account of the initial blow and lingering sting of heartbreak. This tale of poems also speaks to the personal significance that nature and faith have held throughout his life, as Marchiando describes the ways in which his exploration of love has been influenced by both his admiration for the wilderness and his relationship with God. The simplicity of Marchiando's language allows his message to resound with poetry lovers of any caliber. His accounts of loss are intimate, however, this work is threaded with the internal turmoil experienced when coping with great loss, an emotional obstacle that is universal. George Anthony Marchiando was born in Indianapolis on April 27, 1958. He lived his early years over his parent's honky tonk bar which he accredits to his dear love of music today. He grew up on the hill of the Spring Hill Motel and enjoyed what he believed a nearly perfect life with excellent parents, a race car and a motorcycle. He considered himself a 'cool' guy. George was an All Star football player at Cascade High School until a teacher saw a beer can in his car. He had to miss his high school homecoming and became bitter with life in general. He met his son's mother and traded scholarships from some of the finest schools to have his son. He feels he made the right decision because the love of his son is far greater than being a pro football player. His first wife left him on their anniversary. Many dreams resulted in a number of career pursuits. George tried to start a daredevil show, but he could not find financial supporters. Now he hopes to have the proceeds from this book of poems to allow him to start that stunt show. George made a deal with the Lord. It is said that for every dollar you donate to God, God will give you back tenfold. The projects George hopes to accomplish are renovating a large building where previous prisoners would have a job and home until they get back onto their feet. Also, he would like to renovate property to house kennels for animals belonging to people who do not have money or a home to care for them. In addition, he would like to have property to house the homeless. By starting these businesses, he would be creating jobs for those in need so they are not dependent on the government. George stopped working with his heavy construction job. He now has time to write. This is Book One of his poetry and he has 10 more poetry books to come. Publishing his award-winning poetry has been a life-long wish.


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