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A Wild Night On The Island & Other Stories von Dusseau, Lizbeth (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 30.05.2000
  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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A Wild Night On The Island & Other Stories

In the title story, the prickly relationship between a stressedout boss and his assistant explodes when Peter finally does what he's wanted to do for years, taking the sassy Samantha over his knee for one hell of a spanking. Then there's Hell To Pay, when a dashing young peace officer, Kenny, vows to tame the sassy brat, Melody; and in TongueTied join the cheating wife, Brooke, when her husband Travis decides that a good spanking is the best way to keep her in line. In Over The Professor's Knee, a feisty student learns her lessons the hard way when she find her math tutor, Professor Gustafson is not so "mildmannered" after all. And finally, in more peril again, the spirited Juliet learns a Lesson In Love, in another tumultuous war with Captain Crow, as a foolish mishap sends her over the Captain's knee. (Features characters from Lizbeth's novel Juliet & The Captain).


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 30.05.2000
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A Wild Night On The Island & Other Stories

Hell To Pay

"Out of the car, miss," Officer Kenny Martins ordered.

"No," the sassy redhead snapped at him.

"I beg pardon your pardon, Melody Blue. You're getting out of the car."

The handsome dark hair officer stared kindly at the angry young woman. His eyes were the droopy sexy kind that she found hard to look at, though she had no problem looking at his body. She remembered seeing him once on the beach. He had one of those hot bodies with huge arm muscles, a firm tight chest, and a small trim waist. She wouldn't mind seeing his flesh right now, though at the moment, he was just a cop in a spiffy blue uniform. That wasn't so bad either, the uniform was kinda sexy.

Melody flashed him her best seductive green eyes, thinking of devilish things. "I don't care how you sweet talk me, Policeman Kenny, I ain't movin," she told him with a haughty singsong. "I ain't done anything wrong."

"Having trouble?" Kenny's partner, Chip called to him.

"We'll see," the blue-eyed officer replied, looking down at the girl determined not to let this one get to him. He knew Melody Blue well enough, not personally; but she'd always been a mouthy brat on the edge of trouble most of the time.

Chip came around the back of the car and started to open the door, but the young woman bolted to the other side of the vehicle and out the passenger door. Kenny took off after her, catching her before she was twenty paces away, his strong arms going around her quickly. The way she was struggling, it was the only way he could hang on until Chip got there with the cuffs.

"Ouch! You bit me!" he roared, looking down to see tooth marks in his arm. Kenny let go of her, but by then Chip had her cuffed from behind, and was leading her to the patrol car.

"You want to tell me what you were doing on the reservoir road in the middle of the night with two thousand dollars in your backpack?"

They were in the interrogation room at the Travers Creek Police Department, the sassy redhead crossing her arms in front of her, saying nothing.

"We called your daddy, he's coming in," Kenny told her. It'd be much easier if you just told me what you had going down."

"Nothing was going down!" Melody snapped. "It was nothing but a little joy ride in the country. I don't need this bullshit. Just let me go."

Kenny looked at her sternly, "Listen, miss, I don't swear at you, you don't swear at me. You could be in a whole lot of trouble, or you could be in none at all. You need to tell me the truth. But first, you're going to clean up your language, you hear?"

"Asshole, why would I bother!" she taunted him.

"Because if you don't, I'll take down your pants and blister your bottom."

She looked at him shocked. "You can't do that," she answered in wide-eyed wonder.

"You want to try me?" he asked.

The girl eyed him for a minute and then sighed, exasperated.

"You lay a finger on me, asshole, and I'll . . ."

"You'll what?"

"The money's mine. And you bastards damn well better give it back to me," Melody snapped at him.

"What did I tell you about your mouth, young lady?"

"Don't call me, young lady!" she snapped. "Please," she added a second later, seeing Kenny's blue eyes flash angrily.

As angry as she was, she almost looked like she was going to cry.

"All right, you don't swear, I won't call you, young lady. How's that?" the officer suggested. She didn't reply, but she looked okay with the suggestion. "Now, tell me, what you were doing on the reservoir road with two thousand dollars in your backpack?"

"It's my money, why can't I have it with me."

"I just need a little information, and I'll see about getting it back for you."

"I don't have anything to tell. I'm eighteen, almost nineteen. I'm on my own and have been for a long time. I don't need you high and mighty police butting into my b

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