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Addicted To Samantha von Richards, Patrick (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 31.07.2008
  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Addicted To Samantha

Jack's addiction to the beautiful Samantha runs deep, as this tortured male serves his mistress every whim, satisfying her with a masochistic drive that matches her profoundly sadistic disposition. As she artfully primes him for the grand 'wedding' where he'll become her lifetime slave and property, he faces numerous trials to test his devotion, his love and his physical ability to withstand the awesome torture she metes out. The penalty for tardiness earns him long hours exposed to the elements while he undergoes excruciating pain. After losing a simple sex game, he's forced to walk the long road home in woman's lingerie, and suffer the cruelty of the college boys who discover his humiliating dilemma. While Samantha's away, her sister Marcy gets in on the fun. Dressing him like a German shepherd, she makes him live like a dog, while suffering through days of hard physical labor and brutal punishment. The real fun begins when the cunning Marcy puts Jack on a diabolical rack. As she increases the strain on his stretched muscles, he begs for an orgasm...and gets his wish. But when the pairs' verboten acts are discovered by a furious Samantha, the punishment that follows for their crime will put Jack's submission to the test once more. Each new trial he suffers takes Jack deeper into his submissive cravings. But though he dearly loves his mistress, will love be enough to see Jack through his sufferings? Or will he finally reach his breaking point and lose all that he's ever wished for?


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 31.07.2008
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    ISBN: 9781936173693
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Addicted To Samantha

Chapter Two

Casual Dining

I worked hard for most of the day before jumping into the shower. Life poured back into my body as the steady spray of hot water fell upon me. I was rejuvenated and ready for a night on the town. Well that may be stretching things just a little, because I knew that the three of us would not just sit quietly in any restaurant. That wasn't the way it worked. Going out in public was just another opportunity for them to continue my humiliation.

The wardrobe that my Mistress had chosen was proof that my thoughts were accurate. I recognized the matching red bra, thong and garter belt. The last time I had worn them my ass was beaten so badly that I couldn't sit down for almost ten days. Marcy referred to it as education.

I slipped into the sexy panties and hooked the lace garter belt around my hips. Carefully thigh-high nylon stockings encased my legs and were fastened to the stretchy garters that hung down along my legs. The padded bra was tight around my chest, but Samantha liked it that way, making me always aware of my status in life. A few minutes later I was clad is the lingerie, locked into high healed sandals and ready to complete my outfit. A tight, fake leather skirt, a sheer white blouse and a matching vest gave me a slutty look. No real woman would ever dress this way I thought, but who was I to question my Mistress? I pulled my hair back into a pony tail, and we were ready to go.

It was just a short drive to Mario's Restaurant. We were well known there, so anything that these women had in mind would not be a total surprise to any of them. Every one knew of my role in life and sometimes joined into the fun.

A sexy looking blond waitress took us to the back of the dining room near the far wall. To my surprise we were joined by the youngest of the three sisters. With Marcy being there I never stood a chance. It was evident when I noticed that there were only three chairs at the table.

I seated each of my Mistress's in their seats and settled to my knees against the wall. "No slave," Marcy said with a sadistic laugh. "You can grovel over here." She pointed to a spot where some of the restaurant's patrons could see me. I knelt beside my Mistresses with my hands crossed in my lap.

The waitress with the low cut top soon greeted us, "So ladies, what can I bring you to drink?"

"Bring us a bottle of Cabernet and three glasses please."

"And your slave?" she asked.

"Nothing for it right now," Marcy responded.

I didn't know why Marcy was acting so, but I was sure that I would find out soon enough. The wait wasn't very long.

"So shit head, you blamed me for your tardiness the other day. If you were able to do your job a little better and faster, you wouldn't have been late, would you?"

"No, mistress. It was entirely my fault. I'm sorry that I tried to blame you."

The waitress returned with the wine and took their order. Samantha ordered the veal scaloppini. Lisa had shrimp alfredo, and Marcy decided on steak, a big ribeye, rare. Me, I wasn't given a chance to order.

I thought back to my first date with Samantha. She didn't let me eat then either. It was a good thing, because the overly painful ordeal that culminated our night would have caused me to lose it all anyway.

I remained at my appointed place as my gorgeous owners talked and completely ignored me. I kept my eyes on the floor not wanting to see who in the restaurant was watching me. It was better not to know.

As the waitress arrived with their dinners, Samantha spoke. "Over here Jack." I eased around the table, but remained kneeling next to my Mistress in the shadows. Each of them got their meal, but I got nothing. I had no place at their table and no right to expect anything more.

The waitress soon returned with an old mixing bowl and placed it on the floor in front of me. "Enjoy it," Marcy chuckled. "It

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