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Ammara The Awakening. von Braden, Howard L. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 20.02.2015
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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From the home of Gabor Zsazsa, Gulyas and Puli Dog: The legend of ascension. An uplifting adventure novel the author of which had to die to be able to write it. Join Professor Robert Lance in his thrilling journey to investigate the final mystery of mankind, just to turn the world upside down in the end. Contrary to what you might expect from an adventure novel, Ammara gives you profound thoughts and philosophy that you may as well apply to your life and get functional answers to such great questions as 'Who am I? Why am I here?' What it will also give you is a real way out of the current evolutionist or excessively religious views of the world along with a special power that changes you. Discover how the Hungarian author packed all of that into an exciting, fascinating narrative in the first book of the Ammara trilogy! DO NOT READ THIS BOOK - unless you like uplifting, positive, exciting and far-reaching stories. - unless you want the experience of a lifetime, a new favorite book of yours. - right before a working day. You won't be able to put it down. - lying sideways, propped-up on your elbows. It might cause shoulder pains.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 20.02.2015
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781483550862
    Verlag: BookBaby
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Chapter 1 28TH APRIL, 1976 TONGAAT, REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA There was a dim light beyond the corner at the end of the tunnel. Although still swinging, it lit the cave wall better and better. "That damn puncture!" a dull voice said. "It's gotten dark in the time we took getting here..." "As if there was ever daylight in a cave!" laughed another. "Oh well, at least the locals don't ask questions." The lights of the three helmet lamps flashed one by one from beyond the corner and cut into the darkness of the cave like sharp blades. The leader, a man of around fifty held a map to the light. "Is this the tunnel, Pete?" he pointed at the paper. "Yes, professor. 'Isihogo umgede', Tunnel of Hell, the locals call it. Dead end." "OK!" the professor nodded. "Let's see it then!" As they penetrated deeper and deeper into the cave, the man called Pete and the third explorer suddenly staggered after a turn and made a grab at their foreheads. "Ouch, here it comes!" Pete cried out. The professor turned back. "Your heads?" "Yes!" he hissed. "The locals said so! This must be some sort of radiation!" "But I don't have a headache... Go back, I'll take a look on my own." "Okay!" Holding their heads with one hand and feeling the way with the other, they started to walk back. Suddenly they both straightened their backs. "Oh!" "What happened?" said their leader turning back, having taken a few steps ahead. "It's gone!" said the third. "The pain was suddenly gone, like magic!" Pete added. The professor returned to them. "This is quite a radiation... Now let's go, boys!" After a few meters, the tunnel widened. "Yes, it's a dead end" remarked Pete. "And now?" The professor stared ahead, motionless. "Professor...? Professor Lance!" The old man was staring fixedly at a point in the rock wall at the end of the tunnel. He was mesmerized by a protrusion in the rock. He suddenly glanced back at Pete. "Yes...?" "Are you okay, David?" The professor nodded, humming. He was looking at the rock wall ahead with his helmet lamp. "Help me!" and he dug his pickaxe in the wall. Pete hesitated. "But professor!" "Don't ask, just do it!" said the professor without stopping. "Jason, move back!" The rock pieces, each the size of a man's head, fell off one by one, then a cambered metal surface appeared from within the depth of the rock. "More, from the edge, there!" the professor instructed him. As soon as the hole was wide enough, he waved at him to stop. "Professor, what is this?" The third man stepped up behind them, too. "And how did it get into the rock?" he asked the obvious question. "I don't know" Lance panted. He took his gloves off and carefully pulled the sphere out of its place. Reaching out with his fingers, Pete felt the mirror-smooth hemispherical imprint the object left in the rock, then he began to examine the sphere itself. The professor was turning it around in his hand. "Erm, there is a hand-shaped impression on it, right here" he stated. "And another one here in front." He took the sphere in his hands, holding it by the recesses. The professor's face was flooded by a growing light. A pattern began to shine on the object, enchaining his attention completely. "Oh, my god, what the hell is that?!" Pete cried out, white as a sheet. Frightened, they moved back. Jason threw his spade to the ground, and they both fled out of the tunnel. They ran to their Jeep

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