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Arizona Ames von Grey, Zane (eBook)

  • Verlag: Ktoczyta.pl
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Arizona Ames

This late-period Zane Grey is one of the best of his novels. Rich Ames didn't set out to be a gunslinger - it was forced on him. After the bad guys try to 'ruin' his twin sister Nesta, Ames grabs his pistols and the bloody gunfight follows. Unfortunately, his criminal actions forces him to flee from his beloved Nesta and his happy Tonto Rim home, pursued by the law and vengeful family members. Rich soon acquired the name 'Arizona Ames' and for years after that fateful day his name struck fear into the hearts of bad men all over the West. Certainly he was quick with a six-gun; to be sure there were many notches in the Colt he threw with such lightning rapidity; but at his core he was a good man, forced into a life of wandering for protecting his kin. 'Arizona Ames' is a classic western full of thrill and adventure, written by the granddaddy of them all - Zane Grey.


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