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Bad Boys, Bad Boys 7 Rebels to Remember von Stewart, JM (eBook)

  • Verlag: Crimson Romance
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Bad Boys, Bad Boys

Who can resist the lure of taming a bad boy? These seven rebels will shake up your world and send more than a few rumbles racing through your blood with their sexy ways.Her Knight in Black Leather: When his father falls ill, Michael Brant returns to the hometown he ditched years ago. His first night in town, he rescues a damsel in distress who has no clue of his family ties. But Cat cant continue to treat him like a one-night stand when Michaels dark past comes back to haunt him, putting her in danger. Can he find a way to keep her safe without risking his heart?Born to Die: FBI agent Boyce Hunt abandoned Deputy Cassy Rivers to protect her from the blackmail he faces from his mothers criminal enterprise. But when the ex-lovers reluctantly partner up to capture a modern Bonnie and Clyde terrorizing McIntire County, their attraction flames to life once more, dividing Boyces loyalties. Will he continue to run from what scares him most?Full Strength: When an injury derails goalie Shane Reese, he takes it badly. New team shrink Allie Kallen sees through his bravado to the real fear beneath--and it reminds her of the past shes running from. Falling in love isnt in their plans, but they cant keep their emotions on ice.Slow Ride: Mechanic Cooper Moretto rolls up on trouble when he spots Kyla OGradys 67 Mustang Coupe by the side of the road. The new gal in Aston Falls is out of cash and hes short-handed at the garage, so he offers her a job. But theres danger following Kyla. Can their love vanquish the threat?Sweet Revenge: Selena Malone never expected to find the normal life she seeks in the arms of the dark and brooding Drake Carpoli. Then she discovers that Drakes drive to avenge his brothers death leads to her newly discovered family. But Selena has her own need for revenge against the Donovans. Can she convince Drake to not just love her but trust her, too?Naked Truth: Special Agent Jack Boudreaux is always looking for a good time, and what better place for a pick up than a wedding? Thats fine with Kennedy St. George, whos burnt out on love. But when Jacks FBI assignment sends him undercover at a male strip club in her city, their one-night stand becomes an affair that distracts him from his job and puts their hearts--and Kennedys life--in danger.High Octane: Fueled: Texan rebel Maddux Batess bad behavior won him last years championship--and an image problem. Getting involved with a sponsors girlfriend, oncologist Brynn Douglas, could sabotage this season too--but can anything slow this dynamic duo down when their relationship shifts into overdrive?Sensuality Level: Sensual


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    ISBN: 9781507202449
    Verlag: Crimson Romance
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