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Baxter Ffilthe Pornographer and Occultist von Vasari, Urbano (eBook)

  • Verlag: Publishdrive
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Baxter Ffilthe

Struggling amateur erotic film maker Baxter Ffilthe - a young, unemployed, porn-addicted Londoner with an unfortunate name - is about to make the worst decision of his life. After stealing an ancient tome of spells from his grandmother's occult bookshop, he carelessly summons a powerful demon while having a naughty tryst with a gorgeous blonde beneath the Playboy Mansion-esque ceiling mirror in his bedroom. This particular demon, the shape-shifting Lord of Mirrors and Narcissists, makes Baxter an offer he cannot refuse. Overnight, the young man suddenly becomes the owner of the world's most successful up-and-coming adult entertainment studio. He has also - to his disgust - been put in charge of a motley crew of hungry carnivorous demons with ungodly powers. But the manipulative entity he struck a bargain with has other plans and is hell-bent on using Baxter's erotic business for his own nefarious agenda. Can Baxt, with help from an unexpected quarter, finally free himself from this nightmare of his own making? Can he escape with his life, sanity and soul intact?


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