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Blessings A Man of Miracles. von Mantese, Mario (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.11.2016
  • Verlag: Books on Demand
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"Those who overcome their inner limitations enter the limitless. Those who transcend the world restricted to the senses flow back into that which is beyond space and time. Those who think that this or that is impossible remain trapped in their own narrow boundaries." These are the words of Master M, and are indications of our limitless being in eternal Here and Now. Blessings of the Universe is a kaleidoscope through which one can view glimpses of life-stories of people whose lives have been deeply touched by their encounters with Master M. Their portrayals reveal his capacity to act in remarkable ways that transcend our natural laws. One is truly amazed at the supernatural and unlimited presence of this unusual master. This book contains twenty-one narratives from people who know him for many years and have the good fortune to be near him. They allow the reader to recognize how Master M lives and embodies 'the Great Silence'. The authors of these accounts have also posed over two-hundred questions to the master, which he responds to directly and comprehensively. His clear and profound answers are infused with deep compassion and help us to overcome our dualistic, polarizing ways of thinking and acting. A world filled with beauty and wonder reveals itself to the reader. Master M is truly in all respects an extraordinary ordinary human being. In 1978 Mario Mantese was a successful musician, the bass player of the American pop-soul group 'Heatwave' ('Boogie Nights', 'Groove Line', 'Always and Forever'). After a tragic incident in London he was clinically dead for several minutes. He was reanimated, and remained in a coma for over a month. When he awoke he was blind, unable to speak, and paralyzed from head to toe. During this time of immense outer limitation, he was able, internally, to contact the deepest power of healing, the Divine. He realized through this tremendous out-of-body experience that he was living eternally without a body, a realization which totally transformed him. This spiritual energy, teamed with tremendous determination, allowed him to emancipate himself from any suffering. In the following years he was also allowed to do this for thousands of people. Since that time Mario Mantese, also known as Master M, has written many books and holds gatherings and darshans through-out the world.


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It is a great joy and honor for me to serve as editor for Master M, and also to add my own personal contribution to this book. It was prepared with 'special energy' as Master M describes it, as a celebration of his long years of working in the world. My collaboration with Master M began in the year 2004 as editor for In the Heart of the World . In the meantime I have had the pleasure of editing seven of his books, including this one.

Of course, our first encounter took place some years earlier. The facilitator was Hansjörg Weyermann, who undertook this role for many others as well. He is from Bern, Switzerland, but his spiritual bookstore Buchhandlung Weyermann is renowned far beyond the borders of Switzerland. We met at his stand at the Zurich Esoteric Book Fair in 2002. I was in a fairly miserable state at the time. My adored partner had died in 1996 at the age of fifty-four. Soon afterwards my revered and beloved teacher Irina Tweedie passed away. The publishing company I worked for was sold, and my world had crumbled into tiny pieces.

I had known Mr. Weyermann for some time through my husband. At the time I had no desire whatsoever to browse through rows of books, and asked him whether he could suggest one, knowing I could trust his recommendations. Without a moment's hesitation he reached for one particular book - In the Land of Silence by Mario Mantese. The name at the time was not unknown to me. He was the best-selling author at the Drei-Eichen publishing house, and I also knew something about his dramatic early experiences.

I leafed through some of the pages and liked what I read. It seemed to be exactly what I needed at the time. And then I saw the photograph. My breath stopped. The look of love in his eyes seemed to penetrate into the soul. I bought the book, of course, and Hansjörg began to talk enthusiastically about his master. What? This was new! In earlier times he had shown a very different attitude. Masters were good for others, but never for him. This confirmed the strong impression which lingered quite a while after having glanced at the photograph. And this person was accessible! In just a few weeks a gathering would take place in Zurich.

In the following days the face of Mario Mantese appeared repeatedly in my dreams. Finally the day of the gathering at the Paulus Academy arrived. What I remember from that weekend was the atmosphere of deep stillness which presided, though there were so many people. There was also an intensity of inner silence which was something very different than an absence of noise.

I also remember the striking contrast between Mario Mantese's disabled body and the powerful radiance of his presence. I myself came into this world with a handicap. I have no lower arm on one side. His body was much more fragile than I had expected it to be.

At the end of the afternoon we were allowed to ask questions (this was the last time Master M answered questions at gatherings). And finally we could all come forward afterward and shake hands with him. It was a remarkable physical effort on his part!

I don't really recall what he talked about. But I knew that I would stay. This is what had been missing for so long. I registered for the next gatherings in Biel, Switzerland, and in Munich, Germany.

I then read the book In the Land of Silence . The narratives in the book were very impressive. Still, I found it a shame that so many grammatical mistakes were popping up on the pages. Since my profession is editing and proofreading texts, I had difficulty ignoring them.

A friend, Anastasia, accompanied me to the gathering in Biel. She had lived in India for ten years and knew Mario Mantese from Tiruvannamalai in South India. At the end of the day we waited to meet him in the lobby and my heart beat loudly. I had obviously built up a ce

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