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Bohemian Dreaming & Strictly Off The Record von Dusseau, Lizbeth (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 31.03.2005
  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Bohemian Dreaming & Strictly Off The Record

Scintillating Contemporary Erotica Bohemian Dreaming They meet on a busy street, remembering one lusty night making love in a cheap motel. Renewing their affair in the tawdry Lovejoy Terrace, little do Paige and Bryan realize how their stolen afternoons of reckless sex begin to heal their troubled hearts. Refusing to divulge their real identities to each other only heightens the sensuous mystery that makes this affair so hot! Can such carnal deviltry pass the test of time? Or is it simply a capricious "bohemian" moment? A story for lovers and romantics, with lots of graphic, passionate and scandalous sex to stimulate the reader's bedtime fantasies. Strictly Off The Record RJ Justice is everything Jennifer despises: strong, arrogant and demanding. Jennifer Paris is everything RJ finds impossible: stubborn, strongwilled and cocky. And yet, they can't keep their hands off of each other. Even when a business disaster tears them apart, their animal attraction keeps drawing them back together. This pitched office war takes this hot pair on a wild ride of sex in semipublic settings, with enough exhibitionism to fan their scorching fires even hotter!


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 31.03.2005
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    ISBN: 9781938897542
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Bohemian Dreaming & Strictly Off The Record

Chapter Three

We hadn't covered any alternate plans in case some emergency kept us from our date.

I checked into the Lovejoy Terrace, into the same third floor room we had the week before. I thought I was looking especially sexy, preparing for the rendezvous this time. The silk sheath I wore fit like a slip, descended to my calves, and was perfectly glamorous, like a trampy 40's movie star. It was also ridiculous for twelve-thirty on Tuesday afternoon.

I peeked outside the window looking for Bryan. Three floors up, I couldn't see him on the street even if he was there. Lying down on the pink chenille bedspread, I posed a half dozen ways, wondering what I'd look like from the other side of the room, from the door where Bryan would catch his first glimpse of me. I lay there feeling the heat on my skin, but I didn't want to pull the shade down to shadow the room, preferring the bright sun all around. I almost fled the city this summer, thinking I couldn't stand the foggy days; they were so depressing, particularly when I didn't want to be depressed. But so far, the weather had been kind to my ailing disposition.

I should have been imagining Bryan, but my ex's face appeared to me instead. Good lord! He'd have a fit seeing me here like this. He hated tawdry things, but he liked tawdry sex. I wonder if he'd screw me first before he laid on the judgment? That was pretty normal for him. He did make love like a maniac, especially when he had a little booze in him. Not too much; then, he just got angry. But when he was pleasantly happy after a stiff Scotch, his cock got hard, and sometimes in a lewd display he'd press himself against me in a silent screw. His desire was easily communicated.

I remember once when we were in his father's big house during some insufferable dinner party that the grand matriarch demanded we attend, he led me away the first chance he got. To the upstairs hallway, the third floor hallway, I think it was. And right there, without hiding any more than that, he pushed me to the wall, pulled out his cock and raised my skirt. I was immediately impaled, giggling, while he had his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet. He could have moved us into any of a half dozen rooms on that floor, but he didn't want it that simple.

He was pretty raw, cumming in my puss in about sixty seconds. It might have been longer, but I wasn't really watching the clock. He wanted to dash off after he was done, especially when a maid landed at the top of the stairs and gazed at us trying to figure out what we were doing there. We could have asked her the same thing. He told me once that he'd caught the sexy maid in one of the deserted rooms, masturbating. I asked him if he screwed her on the spot. He said he did, and she didn't mind. But that was before we were married, before we even knew each other, he was quick to tell me. He had the feeling that servants, especially cute young ones, were for just about anything their employers wanted, including sex. That evening, he was about to leave me in the upstairs hallway before I had a chance to climax, but then he decided to bring me with him.

"You can wait, darling," he told me. "Mom and Dad will scream if we're gone a moment longer."

"You ass!" I was seething under my breath, so the curious maid wouldn't hear. I should have shouted.

He always had a way taking away the most riotous fun.

"Be careful love; we do have an image to uphold."

It was all image with him, and it never mattered what was behind it as long as the image of perfection was indelibly fixed in everyone's mind.

But Bryan . . .

Funny, the minute a picture of him went through my brain again, there he was knocking on the door.

"Bryan," I called to him in my sexiest voice.

The door opened. I don't know what pose I was in when he saw my reclining body, but it pleased him. This wide smile appeared, and a lock of hair had falle

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