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Braving the Storm von Brooks, Jennifer (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 25.07.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Braving the Storm

When Superstorm Nicole hits the entire U.S. eastern seaboard at once, the Eastern Grid cannot handle all the damages and fails. Half the country is plunged into a blackout with no estimate of when the power will be restored. The story follows four families who join together to survive as well as explores social and economic implications of such a storm on a fragile Recession-era United States.


    Format: ePUB
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    Seitenzahl: 296
    Erscheinungsdatum: 25.07.2016
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781483575513
    Verlag: BookBaby
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Braving the Storm

Chapter 4 September 16th, 2:15pm - Harry, Susan, Taylor, Ian, and Jared "Damn!" Harry exclaimed as his phone went dead. He had just been in the middle of a really promising phone call. He had seen the money signs swirling around his head, the big commission and bonus check already divided up, and the Salesman of the Month plaque already hung up in his study next to the others. This was going to be the big sale that was going to get his kids' cellphones upgraded, those Jimmy Choo heels his wife had been drooling over, and a new scope for his AR-15. He slumped in his chair, the dream cloud dissipating as he stared into the darkness in front of him. Peering at his notes, he excitedly noticed he'd written down her phone number! Using the flashlight on his phone, he carefully made his way through the maze of cubicles to his supervisor's desk, an increasing cacophony of cuss words and chatter filling the air with each passing second. It was very infrequent that they got even a minute to themselves between calls, their headsets practically a permanent fixture on their skulls. While they appreciated any moment they could talk to those around them rather than to the countless rude customers, many shared the exasperation Harry felt with missing out on their next sale. "Angie, can I use my phone to call back this client?" he asked desperately. "I was just about to finish the sale, and I just know I could close it if I called back right now, before she changes her mind!" His supervisor shook her head. "You know company policy wouldn't allow that. Besides-" she held up her phone, pointing to the error message splayed across her screen, "-cellphones aren't working either." He huffed. "Well, what about a manual telephone, one that doesn't need to be plugged in for power? I can hook it up to the phone line real quick and-" Angie shook her head again. "We don't have any phones like that here, and even if we did, you wouldn't be able to log into the phone tree. I'm sorry, Harry. You'll just have to try again when the power comes back on." He stood for a moment, gazing at her pleadingly, trying to come up with another solution. She'd already refocused to trying to get her cellphone to connect to the internet, and Harry knew their conversation was over. He made his way back to his desk through the din, feeling totally deflated. Despite company policy, everyone in his quad had their cellphone out when he returned. "Does your cellphone work, Harry?" Suzanne asked, tapping hers insistently. "Mine isn't working, either," Sarah said as she roughly pressed the buttons on her flip phone. "I can't even get a text to go through." Across the wall, a few other people voiced their frustration at their lack of cellphone functionality. Returning to his chair, Harry turned off the flashlight app and tried to text his wife and logon to Facebook. Neither option worked. "That's weird," he muttered. "Do you think they will let us go home?" someone asked excitedly. Suzanne scoffed. "No way," she replied. "There's no way they'll remove the shackles unless they absolutely have to. Our luck the lights would come on and we'd have to make a break for it before they made us come back in and make up our downtime!" Harry chuckled, but he felt uneasy. He'd seen power outages before, but it was peculiar that his cell wouldn't work as well. He began to wonder if he could call out on a regular landline. His mind flitted to an image of his family, and he wondered how they were faring, if they had electricity or if they were in the dark like him. It'd been dark for over an hour, and Susan still had no means of communicating with her family. The phone lines and cells in her office were all not functioning, and people were starting to worry. Automobiles were still working, so she wasn'

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