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Brutal Bytes von Hastings, Roger (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 21.09.2012
  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Brutal Bytes

Deep in an isolated jungle sits a scientific research facility surrounded by an impenetrable steel barrier and patrolled by robots. The compound is powered by a computer, Barrier Defense, or B.D. A routine microchip update for B.D. proceeds as planned. But 36 hours later, the residents of the compound suddenly awaken to find that life as they know it has taken an unbelievable turn. Naked, their bellies marked with numbers, they stare through barred cells, realizing the horrible truth. They have become inmates in an inescapable prison of terror. The computer has secretly ordered a set of microchips that allow it to bridge the gap between machine and human. Its aim is to feel what humans feel, especially when it comes to sexual pleasure. The entire population of the facility is now forced into deviant sex acts devised by B.D. The malevolent computer gets its kicks seeing bound prisoners forcefully whipped by inmates of the opposite sex. No one is excluded, including the virgin coeds who recently arrived to study at the facility. All this should be hell on earth. But soon, the entire team of men and women are finding a bizarre enjoyment in these absurd sex acts. Could it be that they'll resign themselves to this awful fate? It would seem they have no choice.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 21.09.2012
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781937831615
    Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Brutal Bytes

Chapter One

Night Falls In Eden

I'm getting rather worried about what's happening to us. There's 1,062 men, and 1,883 women-most of them irresistibly pretty, young college girls-working here in this fenced-in 800 acres of buildings, meadows and tropical forest; we're all getting abnormally horny.

Oh, nothing really dangerous or bad about it, I suppose-unless you're easily embarrassed. It's just that I've noticed how fascinated we seem to be about-about sex. Especially when men and women are standing or sitting close together. It's just not one particular female that arouses me. Although Vicky and I have fucked together for five months now, and she is fantastic in bed. I seem to lust for every girl who walks past me. Since I am young, athletically muscled, and, according to Vicki, rather handsome and sexy, all the other girls seem to agree. Also, because I'm at the top of the corporate pyramid, the directing manager of this place, I suppose it would be easy for me to fuck any girl I want.

But it's getting worse-or better, depending on how you view enjoying sex with multiple partners. I have this urge to seduce every female who cums-er-comes into my office. At least while I'm sitting behind it, they can't see the throbbing bulge in my pants.

It's not just the men, either. I've seen the girls gaze at the men's crotches when they think we aren't looking. Their faces flush deep pink and their hands touch their feminine bodies and slide down to the gentle swell of their lower bellies. Their fingers move with a slow, rhythmic stroking motion. I'm worried this could interfere with our facility's secret scientific work.

I finally had a private conversation with Vince Durant, our company doctor.

"I've noticed it, too," he replied. "I even find myself enjoying naughty thoughts about my young staff nurses." He glanced up and down the corridor to see if anyone could hear what he was telling me. "I went back to the central care ward one evening to get some papers I forgot, and noticed one of the patient's room doors open a crack. When I snuck over and peeked in, I almost gave myself away. Pamela, the head nurse, was standing beside the man's bed, with her hands under the sheet. My god, she was panting with lust and masturbating him!"

"I suppose he wasn't protesting?" I couldn't help grinning.

"I doubt he could, even if he wanted to. She had secured him with wrist and ankle restraints. The lucky guy was totally immobilized and defenseless, so he didn't need to feel guilty."

My expression sobered. "What's happening to us, doc?"

"I have a theory. We're working here in this isolated science research facility in the heart of this god-forsaken jungle. There's a lot of exotic vegetation out there on the other side of our perimeter security wall. It keeps out trespassers, spies and natives, but it doesn't stop the air. I believe there are some plants growing up against the outside of the wall that have spores or pollen blowing into our compound, and we're breathing it into our bodies every day. We're being infected by a natural, biological aphrodisiac drug, very potent, and there's nothing we can do to prevent it."


"It's too late. My studies indicate there's been a permanent, irreversible alteration of the hormones in our brains and genitals. We're nature's guinea pigs. She's made all of us constantly horny for the rest of our lives, and it's going to gain more and more power over us until we men are all cursed-or blessed-with permanent erections. If I can't find an antidote soon, within a year all of us, men and women, will become naked animals obsessed with fucking every minute of the day and night."

"But this area was surveyed and tested before construction was started. They declared it safe from biohazards."

"Oh, good god, Steve, get real! There are probably a hundred thousand species of plants and insects out ther

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