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Chance West von London, Rudi (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 31.12.2012
  • Verlag: Amazing Road
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Chance West

Let us travel together a full one thousand years back... to 1012: to the days of the spear, the ax... and The Speaking Cross! Leiv 'Lucky' Eiriksson, a Norwegian Viking now settled on Greenland, decides to come back to the land west where he first built a dwelling eleven years earlier; but this time he takes a big chance: bringing his twelve-year old son, Lil' Leiv with him. We have been digging deep into historical pasts to find you these treasures and many scholars have deliberated intensely over this through the ages: did you know that Christopher Columbus once traveled to Iceland; to study those maps the Vikings had drawn... after their fruitful visits to what King Olav Tryggvason most properly named... Amerika. You'll learn how Manhattan and Niagara Falls, in the today's great state of New York, first got their names. You will rejoice even more over getting this first hand knowledge: who was the one that initially introduced the now famous Viking helmet with those two horns.... It will also amaze you to no end learning what the Vikings called the natives of the New Found Land. We might thrill ourselves with such tidbits, however, this adventure is all about Lil' becoming a man, getting introduced to the Laws of the Universe, flirting with destiny, finding the sweetness of true love... to suddenly lose her in an explosion of challenges complicated by a shocking discovery of the horrendous practices by the sun worshipers from the Lost Tribe; his search for a reunion of two hearts... lives being shattered with mind shivering Ezekiel like attacks by the earth trembling Whirlwind Cloud... Sodom & Gomorrah, please step aside!


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 31.12.2012
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9780988826809
    Verlag: Amazing Road
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Chance West

1 In Jens!

" I n Jens ! Do you hear me? Jens... come back in... to the house! Hurry! See them up there on the hill? They'll be chasing you down! I've opened the gate... look over here... In Jens !" Viking Chieftain Leiv "The Lucky" Eiriksson stood tall on top of the ladder next to the gate hollering out words snapping at the air quicker than hail in a hammering hailstorm waving frantically with his right hand held up high for Jens to see it all the way from the field. Jens, or Blue Dane as he was mostly known by the crew - always wearing a light blue helmet in addition to having light blue threads weaved into his chainmail coat - had come traveling from Greenland on Alfarinn Hallgrimson's longship and had decided so brilliantly to sneak on shore pursuing a hunt for some fresh meat; he was about 300 yards away from the old northeast Vinland Viking settlement, Djursvoll , when the powerful dark master of danger brought dramatic change upon Dane's sunny day. Counting thirty plus half naked scruffy looking menfolks with scary colored paint strokes all over their faces and large eagle feathers attached to their pitch black long hair stirring the wind of this late afternoon had suddenly come hoarding down on Jens while he was busy picking up a bunny rabbit he'd just bow shot dead. Leiv knew of these menfolk kinds from previous visits to what his father, Eirik, always had referred to as the New Found Land ; he knew the feather-dressed natives were in plenty; he knew a few would always mean more; these let-us-put-fright-in-your-sight red painted locals would soon be piling, piling, and piling on; without mercy; until it would be all of them and none of any others. Leiv knew the Vikings didn't have much time to get back on their ships... " IN JENS !"

"What's Lucky crying over now?" twelve-year old Lil' Leiv asked Bjartar Karlsevne, one of his father's servants. The two of them had quickly run up from shore to see what the racket was all about; this was their first visit to New Found Land. The three Viking ships they had sailed in on earlier that same day, one knarr and two longships, were all in standby mode while Chieftain Eiriksson was checking out the scenery around the old dwelling he'd built there eleven years ago - back in 1001 - on his first visit to this enticing new land of mystique out far west of Greenland. Lil' spat firmly on the ground and shook his blond ocean-stormed curly hair; not that he really cared much about using the nickname Lucky but he would never call his father by his real name because he had issues with him. Numerous issues. Too numerous to dwell on now... "Who's doing all this yodeling and howling out there?" Lil's real challenge right at this moment came from being too short to stretch his head above the protective barrier made out of Norwegian style staves - close standing pine logs, tar filled with mud and rocks in between the different size posts - originally built to surround the entire settlement; "What's going on?" he barked at Bjartar.

"Those good for nothin' local paint jobs out there are doin' this yodelin' and carryin' on while dancin' around Blue Dane, that Danish feller from Alfarinn's ship - they're swingin' their axes evil high... nasty lookin' bunch... I think I just heard yo' pa call 'em Injens ." Bjartar, tall enough to see over the log wall while standing with his own feet solidly planted on the ground, decided to completely ignore the impatient and rather obnoxious tone in Lil's voice - because through years of humbled

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