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Circumstances Beyond Her Control von Collins, D. W. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 26.04.2013
  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Circumstances Beyond Her Control

D.W. Collins, one of Pink Flamingo's sensational, new authors brings us another stunning new release to join Kay's Decision, Michelle's Journey and The InvitationYoung widow, Sheila Cox was doing her best to get on with her life. Three years had passed since her husband had been killed in a tragic hunting accident and she had most things under control. Her biggest challenge was her nineteen year old son, Ted. The lad needed a father's strong parental hand that she could not provide. She felt lucky to have a good job with Premier Group Investments in spite of occasional advances from her boss Bill O'Malley. Everything changed on the night of Ted's birthday pool party. Sheila caught Ted's friend, Steve having sex with a new girlfriend. Sheila sent the couple packing, but she could not get the sight of Steve's ebony colored body out of her mind. He was spectacular. The situation was awkward because Sheila, Ted and Steve all worked at Premier. A few days later, an audit shows that a significant amount of money is missing. Steve reviews the company security video and learns that Ted is the culprit. Instead of turning Ted in, he steals the video and begins to blackmail Sheila. At first, Steve's demands are financial, but the quickly turn sexual. Steve's girlfriend has left him and Sheila will have to take her place. Sheila is startled, but she soon submits to the black stud's charms. After Ted leaves for navy boot camp, Steve begins training Sheila to serve him. Their feeling quickly grow in ways neither had expected.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 26.04.2013
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Circumstances Beyond Her Control

Chapter One

Sheila could not believe how quiet the party had gotten. Parents learn quickly that too much silence is far more ominous than any amount of noisy hell-raising. She had provided a keg of lager for Ted's nineteenth birthday and he had invited a few friends to party around the pool and safely sleep off the inevitable intoxication. She had even collected all the car keys just to be safe.

Now, the experienced mom was on full alert. She covered her body with a long silky robe and stepped outside. Sheila always slept nude. She had a body any woman would be proud to display. Her delectable breasts showed no sign of sagging in spite of reaching the inconvenient age of thirty seven. She had a figure that made men drool. Her smooth skin and sparkling blue eyes made it easy for her to look ten or even fifteen years younger. She had heard Ted's friends remark about his "hot mom" on more than one occasion. Any woman loves that kind of gossip.

The scene was pretty much what she had expected. Ted and three other partiers were unconscious. Soft snoring sounds revealed that everyone was okay. The over abundant alcohol had done its work. Only two members of the group were not accounted for, Steve and his newest girlfriend, Heather. She was an attractive redhead who stood a few inches taller than Sheila. Her green eyes sparkled when any of the boys paid attention to her. Heather especially loved to flaunt her pert breasts. On more than one occasion she had shed her bikini top around this very pool and had to be reminded that the neighbors could see what she was displaying. She'd huff a little before grudgingly replacing the skimpy bit of fabric.

Steve was the oldest member of the group. He stood six foot three and did not carry an extra ounce of body fat. The young man's body was perfect. He had a tight ass, muscular arms and legs, a broad back, narrow waist and a chiseled chest. All of these delectable assets were covered by smooth dark brown skin that was far more accurately described as chocolate than black. His brown eyes were the kind of deep pools that a young girl or any woman, for that matter, could get lost in and his smile had melted and broken many female hearts.

Steve had been Ted's best friend for many years. They had participated in every sport that their suburban community had to offer. Ted had enjoyed the sports too, but he was not talented at any of them. Steve, on the other hand, had a legitimate athletic gift and excelled at baseball, basketball and especially football. He had broken several records during his career as a high school half back. His sure hands and swift legs brought him much acclaim.

His mind was very sharp too. Sheila had expected him to seek a scholarship, but he had chosen to study computer science at the local community college instead. He was already serving as information technology manager with her own employer, Premier Group Investments. Not a bad accomplishment for a man who was still too young to buy his own beer. The sound of muffled giggles and heavy breathing led Sheila to the missing partiers' location. She crept around a pair of tall Scotch pine bushes. The spectacle before her told the whole story.

Steve and Heather were both completely nude. Their discarded swim suits were strewn beside them. Instinctively, Sheila stepped back into the shadows. She was not normally a voyeur, but she simply could not resist watching this graphic scene. The couple faced each other. His big black hands clutched Heather's firm breasts boldly. At first he avoided her nipples and simply molded each slippery tit into a cone. Her nipples were hard and swollen long before he finally touched them directly. Most young men hurry, but Steve knew how to take his time. Heather was panting by the time his powerful body was pressed against hers. His muscular arms encircled her slim waist and forced her crotch against his swollen rod.

"Oh my god, you fee

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