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Delphi Complete Works of Edgar Rice Burroughs (Illustrated) von Burroughs, Edgar Rice (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 11.08.2015
  • Verlag: Delphi Classics
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Delphi Complete Works of Edgar Rice Burroughs (Illustrated)

One of the most imaginative writers of the twentieth century, Edgar Rice Burroughs created popular and exciting heroes such as Tarzan and John Carter, whose thrilling adventures continue to entertain millions of readers across the world. This comprehensive eBook presents Burroughs' complete works (except for six non-public domain works) , with numerous illustrations, rare texts, informative introductions and the usual Delphi bonus material. (Version 1) Beautifully illustrated with images relating to Burroughs' life and works Concise introductions to all the novel series ALL the novels in the public domain, with individual contents tables Features the original first edition text of TARZAN OF THE APES - the only digital edition to contain the purely unaltered text, with 1,193 more words than the digital text found in all other collections - discover the true Tarzan first edition! Images of how the books were first printed, giving your eReader a taste of the original texts Excellent formatting of the texts Special Contextual Pieces section, with reviews, articles and essays evaluating Burroughs' contribution to literature Scholarly ordering of texts into chronological order and literary genresPlease note: six later novels including TARZAN AND THE MADMAN and TARZAN AND THE CASTAWAYS are still held in copyright and cannot appear in this collection. When new texts become available in your public domain, they will be added to the eBook as a free update.Please visit www.delphiclassics.com to browse through our range of exciting titlesCONTENTS:The NovelsThe Tarzan Series TARZAN OF THE APES (1912) THE RETURN OF TARZAN (1913) THE BEASTS OF TARZAN (1914) THE SON OF TARZAN (1914) TARZAN AND THE JEWELS OF OPAR (1916) JUNGLE TALES OF TARZAN (1917) TARZAN THE UNTAMED (1921) TARZAN THE TERRIBLE (1921) TARZAN AND THE GOLDEN LION (1923) TARZAN AND THE ANT MEN (1924) TARZAN AND THE TARZAN TWINS (1927) TARZAN, LORD OF THE JUNGLE (1928) TARZAN AND THE LOST EMPIRE (1928) TARZAN AT THE EARTH'S CORE (1929) TARZAN THE INVINCIBLE (1930) TARZAN AND THE CITY OF GOLD (1932) TARZAN AND THE LION MAN (1934) TARZAN AND THE LEOPARD MEN (1935) TARZAN'S QUEST (1936) TARZAN THE MAGNIFICENT (1937) TARZAN AND THE FORBIDDEN CITY (1938) TARZAN AND THE CASTAWAYS (1940) TARZAN AND THE FOREIGN LEGION (1947)The Barsoom Series A PRINCESS OF MARS (1912) THE GODS OF MARS (1914) THE WARLORD OF MARS (1918) THUVIA, MAID OF MARS (1920) THE CHESSMEN OF MARS (1922) THE MASTER MIND OF MARS (1928) A FIGHTING MAN OF MARS (1931) SWORDS OF MARS (1936) SYNTHETIC MEN OF MARS (1940) LLANA OF GATHOL (1948) JOHN CARTER AND THE GIANT OF MARS (1941) SKELETON MEN OF JUPITER (1943)The Pellucidar Series AT THE EARTH'S CORE (1914) PELLUCIDAR (1923) TANAR OF PELLUCIDAR (1928) BACK TO THE STONE AGE (1937) SAVAGE PELLUCIDAR (1942) LAND OF TERROR (1944)The Mucker Series THE MUCKER (1914) THE RETURN OF THE MUCKER (1916) THE OAKDALE AFFAIR (1917)The Jungle Adventures THE CAVE GIRL (1925) THE ETERNAL LOVER (1925) JUNGLE GIRL (1932) THE LAD AND THE LION (1938)The Caspak Series THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT (1918) THE PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT (1918) OUT OF TIME'S ABYSS (1918)The Moon Series PART I: THE MOON MAID PART II: THE MOON MEN PART III: THE RED HAWKThe Western Novels THE BANDIT OF HELL'S BEND (1926) THE WAR CHIEF (1927) APACHE DEVIL (1933) THE DEPUTY SHERIFF OF COMANCHE COUNTY (1940)The Venus Series PIRATES OF VENUS (1934) LOST ON VENUS (1935) CARSON OF VENUS (1939) ESCAPE ON VENUS (1946)The Other Novels THE LOST CONTINENT (1916) THE GIRL FROM FARRIS'S (1916) H. R. H. THE RIDER (1918) THE EFFICIENCY EXPERT (1921) THE GIRL FROM HOLLYWOOD (1923) THE MAD KING (1926) THE OUTLAW OF TORN (1927) THE MONSTER MEN (1929) THE RESURRECTION OF JIMBER-JAW (1937) BEYOND THE FARTHEST STAR (1941)Contextual Pieces LIST OF REVIEWS AND ARTICLESPlease visit www.d


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