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different boys - Episode 2 von Stark, Norman (eBook)

  • Verlag: Bastei Lübbe
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different boys - Episode 2


During an art exhibition at A-TOM, Tom watches in disbelief as his friends perform a chainsaw massacre set to music. But his outrage vanishes when he finds himself face-to-face with Michael, the cyclist who ran him over - and who he hasn't been able to get out of his head ever since.

After a ferocious argument with Tom, his brother Colin storms off to a gay sauna. There he meets San Francisco's hottest gay bachelor, Eric, who is just what Colin needs at the moment. But Eric talks him into making a grave mistake ...

DIFFERENT BOYS is a digital-only contemporary gay romance series spanning 6 episodes.

The new gay romance series 'different boys' tells the tempestuous story of Colin and Tom, twin brothers who could scarcely be more different from one another, but who are both simply trying to get their lives in order and find the secret to love and happiness.


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different boys - Episode 2

Chapter 2

"I'm afraid we're out of barbecued chicken."

Three pairs of hungry eyes were staring at Colin. Three pairs of eyes that made the hearts of so many girls beat faster, not to mention those of a few boys. Three faces that smiled out from magazine covers, billboards, and TV screens, no matter where you were on the planet. Except that they weren't smiling right now.

Vince, Pete, and Raúl had barely entered their twenties, but they had already achieved almost everything you can in life. Discovered by prescient music-industry scouts, as the Skizzles they'd taken the international pop charts and dance floors by storm in record time. Their mixture of Korean pop and house was now part of the standard repertoire of every DJ and radio station, and their videos got millions of views online.

Before takeoff, Colin and his crew had been informed by head office that they would be hosting the three VIPs on the return flight from Miami, as the band was about to begin its official US tour in San Francisco. Colin was used to having celebs on board, but he'd still been thrilled at the thought of meeting the three gorgeous boys in person. However, the boys had slept through almost the entire flight so far - Colin had been waiting all this time for an opportunity to talk to them. And now he couldn't provide the menu choice they wanted.

"But I highly recommend the pasta with spicy shrimp. It's much tastier, anyway ..." He wasn't even lying. But Colin still furrowed his brow, as if it broke his heart not to be able to fulfill the boys' desires.

"OK, but only if you bring me another drink with dessert," Raúl proclaimed in a Spanish accent that added a lively note to his informal English.

"I'll have the pasta, too, then," Pete decided. Colin found his sky-blue eyes very distracting.

"Well, you guys are an easy sell," Vince said with mock severity. He threw back his head, tossing his copper-colored curls out of his eyes, and then looked shrewdly at Colin.

"What can you offer me to make my pasta taste better?"

There was something salacious about his direct gaze that set Colin's antennae vibrating. The fact that Pete and Raúl rolled their eyes in amusement only strengthened his suspicion that Vince might have something more in mind than just a little snack. "Come by the galley later, and we'll see if I can find you something to your taste," Colin replied in a tone of voice that suggested he was planning to give Vince a few free chocolate bars. But now he was curious: Was his imagination playing a trick on him, or did the redhead really play for his team? Maybe he was interested in more than just a drink.

Colin's best friend and colleague, Jenny, had been discreetly following the scene, and now she shot him a questioning look. Of course, she'd guessed his real intentions at once; Colin was pretty sure of that. He remembered how Jenny had flipped out when she'd learned that the Skizzles were going to be flying with them. She'd been seduced by the band's charms, too, and she always listened to their songs while on the treadmill. The echoes of Korean pop music reminded her of vacations in her father's home country. But if Colin knew Jenny, the main reason she was so crazy about the trio was because the boys were so damn good-looking. Jenny was as much of a gourmand as Colin when it came to men. And she wasn't going to surrender these tasty morsels to Colin without a fight.

With a deft gesture, she smoothed down the fabric of her blouse over her cleavage, then bent over the Skizzles and gave the boys a revealing view of her breasts as she served the pasta with the bright red shrimp.

Raúl stared wide-eyed at the unexpected sight, every straight man's fantasy. "Well, those are very generous portions," he panted in surprise, beaming at the flight attendant. Pete was also staring, captivated by the velvety, gleaming skin of Jenny's breasts. He seemed t

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