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Dual Mission von Muratore, Joseph (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.12.2014
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Dual Mission

Dual Mission is an intriguing and compelling story filled with surprises, action, twists and mayhem. It brings back to the E-novels Joseph Muratore's previously introduced Super Agent Carl Downey and his fellow Agents John Bennit and Loreen Thompson. They are members of the United States Government Secret Anti Subversive Agency, better known by the acronym SASA. Dual Mission sends Super Agent Carl Downey on two distinctly separate missions, that through a strange chain of events managed to uniquely parallel one another. Both missions showcase his perseverance and determination. One mission highlights Agent Downey's unbelievable detective skills and the other his obsession to track, kill or capture a diabolical extremist Muslim known as Shabahh. During these Dual Missions for all of their intensity they still manage to incorporate the thread of a deep love interest along with some light hearted humorous moments, in a separate but misguided search for missing ancient treasure. This is a well formulated, interesting and plausible story. A story not to be missed.


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Dual Mission

Chapter Two


In the car, Karen Beals couldn't contain herself.

She asked,

"Carl, you think you've solved part of the puzzle don't you? I'm guessing we're heading for the hair stylist shop?"

Carl responded,

"Yeah we're going to their barber shop, hair stylist or whatever they want to call it. I have one pertinent question."

Carl handed the hair stylist's address to Karen.

She then drove, as she quite often did, in a high-speed reckless fashion as if she where on a SASA case. Carl had previously experienced her NASCAR driving mentality but detective Fred Stone was obviously unsettled by it.

When they arrived at the hair stylist Carl went inside along with detective Fred Stone. Agent Beals remained parked in a no-parking zone in front of the shop.

Homicide detective Stone showed his credentials to the shop's owner. Carl asked the questions.

Carl showed him the picture he had taken with his cell phone. It was one of the Newman Company photos.

The photo showed a picture of the murdered company CEO along with Joe his Executive Vice President and the Vice President Frank Miett.

Carl asked the shop owner,

"Do you recognize any of these three men?"

The owner pointed to Joe and Frank, before replying,

"Of course. Those two come in her like clockwork once a month to get their hair styled. They're my personal customers. Good tippers too I might add."

Carl asked,

"Did you see both of them last week on the same day?"

The shop owner replied,

"Funny you should ask that. Only Joe was scheduled in. It was his usual appointment time 11:00AM on the second Monday of the month. Before we knew it Frank came in the door. When he saw Joe he said, 'Shit I must have screwed up. Isn't this my day?' After I corrected him we had a good laugh over it."

Carl asked,

"Did he go over to Joe to socialize with him?"

The shop owner replied,

"I don't know if you'd call it socializing but he did ask me to give them a little time alone. He had a business question. So I walked over to the front door and Frank kind of leaned on Joe and talked low to him for a moment or two. Then Frank said, 'See you later.' and walked out the door."

Carl replied,

"Thanks I appreciate your time. Have a safe day."

Carl with the homicide detective Stone exited the shop and got back into Karen's car.

Inside the car detective Stone said,

"I see where you're heading Carl. Frank Miett could've scooped up some hair off of Joe's barber's cape and that's what we found under the CEO's wife's nails. Frank could be the murderer. One big problem that still remains is that it was Joe's gun. How do we tie that to Frank?"

Carl answered,

"Let's go talk to Joe at the county jail house. Karen will you please call Joe's Attorney and have him meet us there. Take no bullshit or excuses from him; have him go there now. We might need him to get access for questioning Joe."

Karen made the call.

She was euphoric as she drove them to the county jail.

The homicide detective Stone filled in all of the blanks in the story for Karen as she was driving.

Karen now knew that detective Stone, as well as Carl, thought Joe was innocent.

She always felt he was. Now they had to prove it.

Joe's Attorney was waiting at the jail when they arrived.

The homicide detective brought the attorney up to speed on what they had learned so far and what they were thinking.

The attorney admitted that it was helpful information.

The attorney pointed out though that they still had no proof that Frank Miett actually removed any hair from Joe's barber's cape.

The attorney's statement deflated Karen.

Carl with a matter of fact attitude commented,

"I'm very certain that I can prove it."

Carl felt he needed one thi

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