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Elena's Lovers & Hush! von Dusseau, Lizbeth (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 21.01.2005
  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Elena's Lovers & Hush!

Elena's Lovers This unusual novel will take you into a world where the line between illusion and reality are blurred, and the path to sexual and emotional fulfillment requires a detour down the dark road of the human psyche. Suspend reason for a while, and let "Elena's Lovers" take you on this sensuous and startling journey. On a beach in Spain, in the Arizona desert, and a busy street in San Francisco, Elena meets the most remarkable men of her life. They spirit her away into mystical and sometimes dangerous realms, teach her truths about herself she never imagined, and bring her breathless sexual ecstasy, only to disappear without a trace. Were they real at all, or just her imagination playing tricks with her sanity? Lyrically written, with a sumptuous feast of provocative sexual interludes, this captivating story will leave you mystified as you journey with Elena and her lovers into this altered world. Hush! He quickens her heart, awakens her passion, and drives her dfeep into the enigma of his mysterious past. Photojournalist, Dana Padget, enters the lush world of Lucien Broussard unsuspecting of his charms and his power to woo her. Engaging her in a gentle but thorough seduction, he fulfills a sexual need in her she long ago dismissed. Even as the romantic passion builds, Dana knows there's danger lurking beneath the surface of the tempestuous affair in the secrets of Lucien's perplexing house and in the ghost of his murdered wife, Ariel, who haunts its corridors night and day. In a war of reality versus the supernatual, Dana questions her own sanity, as her love for the enchanting Lucien becomes something that she knows she cannot live without. This romantic novel is brimming with suspense, sumptuous sexual escapades, and a romance that blooms out of nightmares, and fantasy and curious mystical twists.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 21.01.2005
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781938897566
    Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Elena's Lovers & Hush!

Chapter One

They played along the shore as if they'd been lovers for a long time-shedding their clothes to each other's eyes showing what intimacy was possible. Feasting on the sun-washed, wind-burned skin of thighs and undulating bellies, and well defined hips and shoulders that crooked at the neck where there were places for first kisses, the two found themselves matched, a destined pair of souls uniting in the simplest of touches, until it was clear there would be profound peace taking this union to an erotic conclusion.

She forgot how it began, how he'd descended on her as she looked out across the wet, salt sand to the azure blue sea and the sky beyond. His eyes drifted to her, lifted her to her feet so she could take his hand and move to the water's edge where magical things would happen.

It must have been the eyes that lured her: dark, deep-set, cavernous places where there were the stories of centuries locked inside. With the glint of their odd hues, he colored the world for her in vibrant and brilliant shades so she'd never feel empty again.

Once she was naked and he cupped her pubis in his steady hand, she was drifting with him, clenching him tightly as their arms intertwined. Did it matter that there were others on this beach? It seemed they were alone even amidst a crowd of passing sun-worshippers. Perhaps they were simply in another dimension, or perhaps their love was too pure for anything but the eyes of those that could understand unpretentious passion.

He took her at the water's edge, while his eyes peered into her squinting ones, as she tried again to make out more of his astounding face. She saw the depth there once more; and it reached her between her thighs where she was aroused. Drawing her down to the sand with him, he was entering her with a stiff erection, and riding her along the sand. So hard the surface of their bed, and yet it felt as if she were floating on a cloud being in his arms. Something unrehearsed and unexpected resulted when his organ swelled inside. The climax shook every atom in her body, making it spark with celebration fireworks.

She drifted in his embrace until it seemed that he was vanishing, the sight of his body disappearing from her, as consciousness was drawing her away, so all she'd remember was the eyes, the cavernous, dark eyes.

"Miss, the drink you ordered." She heard the sound of a man's voice, and woke to see the waiter at her side. Such a pleasant expression on his face. She loved Spanish men, how they moved with such ease.

"Yes. Thank you," Elena replied to him kindly. I guess I dozed off."

"Sorry to disturb you."

"Oh, that's okay, I think my dream was over," she said. Though her meaning was incomprehensible to the man, he smiled anyway and left her with the tall, cold glass of liquid.

"Are you planning to stay here all day, Elena Merino?" A blonde bikini-clad woman stood over her looking down, for an instant blocking the sun.

"This is my vacation," the reclining woman with the flawless bronze skin and the wealth of brunette hair answered her friend. "And I was just having the most wonderful dream. If you let me, I think I could close my eyes and return to it." There was a dreamy expression on her lips.

"Tell me, what did he look like?" Sandra asked.

"You think it was a man I was dreaming about?" Elena answered.

"Well, it was wasn't it?"

"So, if it was. Wouldn't you be dreaming about men, if you could."

"I'd be doing something about them, not dreaming." Sandra's message oozed with sarcasm. "So was he gorgeous?"

"I can't really say. It was one of those dreams where the faces are so fuzzy it's hard to tell. But I will know him when I find him." Elena's brown eyes twinkled lustfully as she watched the blonde sit down on the chaise lounge next her, the sensuous fair-skinned beauty appearing

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