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Eve Portrait of a Submissive von Maser, Steve (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 30.03.2012
  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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"When she finally did move in with him, he first had her sign a paper, in the form of a contract, under which she agreed to become his slave, to surrender all her rights to him, and to obey him unconditionally; furthermore she agreed in advance to submit to any punishment he might care to inflict in the event of disobedience." In the spring of 1975 Eve Sloan, a twentytwo year old college dropout, was living in a shabby tenement apartment in New York's East Village, workings days as a clerk in a bookstore while her nights were occupied with casual sex, drugs and writing bad poetry. One day in a Soho gallery she is accosted by Roger Nettles, a wealthy venture capitalist, with whom she ends up having sex in her apartment. Roger, an experienced dominant, quickly sizes her up as a born submissive and proceeds to introduce her to spanking and bondage, to which she responds enthusiastically. Increasingly dissatisfied with her aimless existence while experiencing ecstatic pleasures unknown before, she accepts his offer to come live with him as his slave, agreeing to accept a life of total dependence in which she has no rights of her own but an absolute obligation to submit to all of her Master's desires. As the livein companion of a wealthy man she is forced to abandon her bohemian ways and is thrust awkwardly into fashionable society, where she becomes known as a great beauty. In the course of her threeyear odyssey she encounters a variety of colorful characters the university professor who teaches history by day and conducts sadomasochistic orgies by night, a dominatrix doctor, a rock drummer with a spanking fetish, a fashion photographer she poses for and who lusts after her, the slave girl with the fragile ego whom she befriends and tries to protect, and Olympia, Roger's former lover and now bitter business rival, who guesses her secret life and uses it to torment her. Eve's adventures include being a guest at a dinner party of sadomasochists in which the maid is caned, participating in a spanking party and in a terrifying orgy with two other slave girls. But she finds her greatest pleasures when alone with her Master in his luxury apartment, in his bed, or over his knee, or bound naked to a cross or a bench in the room he has turned into his own private dungeon. In time though, even these pleasures are not enough, for what she craves most of all is to be truly loved by her moody workobsessed Master. When she comes to feel neglected, she is finally driven to rebel, provoking a crisis that will end up changing her life forever.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 30.03.2012
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    ISBN: 9781937831332
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Chapter Two

A Concert

Eve waited impatiently for Roger to call, but when a week had gone by without a word, she gave up hope. She even stayed home most of the next weekend for fear of missing his call. In desperation she tried to find his name in the phone book but without success. Either he didn't live in Manhattan, which was likely enough, or his phone was unlisted. She wished she had asked him for his number. Then again if a man was interested in a girl he would call her, and if not there was little use in having his number. But why should she be surprised anyway? There was nothing special about her. To him she was just another chick from the Village. He probably thought she was a lousy lay like everyone else. She had had her little adventure, it was great and she should be satisfied with that. There was no point in torturing herself. And with that she decided to put him out of her mind.

Next Friday afternoon Eve was standing by the register in the bookstore where she worked when the phone rang.

"Hello, is Eve Sloan there?"

"Yeah, that's me."

"Hi, I thought I recognized your voice. This is Roger, Roger Nettles. We met in the gallery a couple of weeks ago."

"Yeah, I remember."

"Are you doing anything tonight?"

"Uh, maybe."

"I have tickets for a concert tonight, at the Metropolitan Museum. The Juilliard String Quartet. When I was at your apartment I took a glance at your record collection, and I thought you might be interested."

"Uh ...What time does it start?"

"Eight o'clock. What time do you get off?"


"I can pick you up at the store. So how 'bout it?"

"Um ... Okay."

"Just look for a black limousine in front. I have the address. So I'll see you at seven."

"Okay." Then he hung up.

Eve stared for several seconds into space until she was roused out of her revery by a customer. For the rest of the day she went about in a state of nervous agitation. Calm down she told herself, he's just a man, great in bed, but let's not make too much of it. It's way too early to be caring this much. No doubt all he wants is the one thing. But then that's what she wanted too.

A few minutes after seven she was standing in front of the store when a black limousine pulled up and stopped. She stepped down to the street and walked towards it as the rear door opened and a man stepped out. It was Roger wearing an expensive looking dark gray suit of conservative cut. He greeted her with a light kiss; as he did she was struck by the smell of his freshly-pressed wool suit which she found oddly arousing. She wasn't used to being kissed by men in expensive wool suits. He went in the car and she followed him.

"You look nice," he said as they got under way.

"Thanks." Rather by chance she was better dressed than usual. She had been planning to go to a party after work, hoping to meet some guy, maybe even get laid afterwards. She wore a pink sweater blouse, a long black floral print skirt and a pair of stylish brown lace-up boots, one of her rare expensive clothing purchases. She never wore a bra and the outline of her nipples showed through the tight blouse. Undoubtedly he noticed it and the thought pleased her. She looked forward to feeling his hands on them.

There was a picnic basket on the seat between them. "We won't have time to stop at a restaurant so I brought some sandwiches. I figured you might be hungry. There's tuna, egg salad, turkey and roast beef. And drinks." She took out a tuna fish sandwich and a bottle of Seven-Up and began eating. He smiled as he watched her eat. This time she decided to be more talkative.

"So what do you do?" she asked.

"So now you're interested!" he replied, laughing. "You weren't very interested last Sunday."

Eve shrugged. She didn't care to explain her strange motivations.

"Well, I help companies raise money."


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