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Gemma von Graham, Charles (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 21.02.2014
  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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In desperate need of investment money to keep their business afloat, Gemma Longton and her lover and partner Mike Bowyer are at their wits' end to think how to obtain the finance they must have. Until he realises that there is a way and without telling her, arranges a deal with Roxwell, a millionaire businessman, whose price for providing financial assistance is Gemma's service as a bondageslave for a full year. Unaware of her part in the deal and thinking that their business is saved, Gemma allows Mike to tie her up for some celebratory sex and it is only after she is bound and gagged that she learns he has sold her to Roxwell and will soon be collected to begin her sexual servitude to him. Worse still, she finds that he is only one of a group known as The Consortium and as their property, in chains and collar, adorned with the rings of her slavery, Gemma is required to serve them all, male and female, in any way they command, her body and mouth trained to provide exquisite pleasure to her Masters and Mistresses, on pain of cruel punishment for any failure to be fully satisfactory. For twelve long months she is permitted no option but to submit utterly and strive to become the perfect, obedient, fiercely hot and helplessly responsive slavegirl they require her to be and as her servitude becomes ingrained and as natural to her as breathing, Gemma surrenders to the passions unleashed within her by her bondage and her demanding owners. After so long as a slave, the news that her year is almost over brings mixed feelings for Gemma, for she has come to love her Masters and her life and is not sure whether she wants to be freed, or not. Until at midnight, as the contract with Roxwell expires, an unexpected event makes the decision for her.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 21.02.2014
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781939916846
    Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Chapter Two

With her limbs still clamped in the tight embrace of the leather straps Gemma was still utterly helpless as the van braked to a halt for the second time and its doors thrown open. The mute, blind package of naked girl whimpered in horror as several people climbed in and expert hands began to release the webbing tie-downs that held her in the centre of the floor. Unable to move, let alone make any resistance, Gemma gasped and panted as her bound body was maneuvered onto what she could only assume was the same trolley used to transport her from Mike's cottage to the van and she sobbed in despair, guessing that she must have arrived at wherever Roxwell planned to hold her captive. Lying on her left side with her limbs cramped from the lengthy bondage, horribly aware of a gentle breeze playing across her naked flesh and cooling the damp patches of sweat staining her body, Gemma strained her ears for any clue to her location.

The feet of her captors crunched on gravel, then scuffled across concrete or brick but aside from those sounds, the night was quiet ... ominously quiet. Gemma realized that there was no sound of traffic or of any of the other noise which was always present in the vicinity of cities or towns. She must be far away from civilization ... and far from any possibility of help or rescue. Keys rattled in a lock and the sound galvanized Gemma into a desperate series of heaves and lunges as she struggled to free herself before her captors imprisoned her behind whatever door the lock secured.

Cool, strong hands pressed down on her shoulders and thighs holding her with contemptuous ease and she shuddered in misery, realizing that she hadn't a hope of escaping. The trolley glided forward, its wheels hissing across a smooth, flat surface, and Gemma knew that she was inside a building. What building it might be, or where it was, she had not the slightest idea and she panted rapidly, a prey to her fears as she was propelled deeper into Roxwell's domain.

The trolley stopped, but then to her disbelief began to descend. She must be in a lift. Going down and down, deep beneath the earth. By the time the descent came to an end, Gemma was in a state of complete and abject terror. If she was underground, she'd never be able to escape from whatever this place was. Confused and disorientated, she whimpered in despair as she was wheeled onwards, but at last her journey ended and she was lifted from the trolley then set on her bottom on a coarsely-carpeted floor.

Her blindfold was removed and she stared up at the four people standing over her; Roxwell and her three handlers.

"Welcome to your slave quarters, Gemma." Roxwell beamed. "This is where you will spend some of your time while you are undergoing training." He turned to the three silent handlers, "Untie her ankles and release her elbows, but leave her wrists."

The handlers did as he ordered then stood back, watching impassively as Gemma winced and groaned while the blood returned to her numbed arms and legs.

"There." Roxwell grinned. "That's better, isn't it? Good. Now, listen carefully and I'll explain what's going to happen to you."

Gemma was in no mood to listen and scrambled to her feet, her eyes wild as she sought for some way to escape the predicament she was in. The door behind Roxwell was wide open and, never giving a thought to the consequences of her action, Gemma made a dash for it.

She didn't even get close, the handlers anticipated just such an attempt, leapt forward, grabbing her before she'd even covered six feet. Dragged back to Roxwell and forced to her knees before him, Gemma wept in bitter frustration as he shook his head sadly.

"Oh dear, oh dear," he chided. "I see we are going to have to do this the hard way. What a pity, Gemma. I had hoped you were going to be sensible and accept your side of the deal, but I fear you are not. Very well then. You will have to be t

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