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Girl in Trouble A slow burn romance von Baxter, Rhoda (eBook)

  • Verlag: Rhoda Baxter
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Girl in Trouble

'If the song 'Miss Independent' was a book, it would be Girl In Trouble'
Olivia doesn't believe in happy families. She can't trust men to be reliable, so she'd rather manage without one. Marine biologist Walter thinks Olivia is amazing. With his daughter moving to the USA with her mother, he feels like he's failing at being a father. When Olivia discovers she's pregnant by her douchebag ex, Walter finally sees a way to be more than just a friend-with-benefits to her. It might also give him the second chance to be a good dad. But how can he persuade the most independent woman he's ever met to accept his help, let alone his heart? Girl In Trouble is a standalone novel in the award nominated Smart Girls series. If you like warm, witty, closed door romance, you'll love this contemporary romantic comedy. Ideal for fans of Meg Cabot, Jenny Holiday or Jennifer Crusie. Buy Girl In Trouble and have a laugh today. What readers are saying: ' Heartwarming. Funny. Sad. Just perfect .' Texas, Amazon review ' Bought this yesterday and practically inhaled it because I really really had to know how it ended before I went to sleep! ' Madhuka, Amazon review ' I absolutely loved every second of Girl In Trouble, it's witty in places and utterly emotional at other times, and it deals with some deeper issues too. ' Rachel's Random Reads ' Rhoda Baxter's characters are the real deal. She writes heroes and heroines who jump from the pages to carry me along to their happy endings .' - Sue Moorcroft (Bestselling Author) ' If the song 'Miss Independent' was a book, it would be Girl In Trouble ' Jocelyn on Twitter ' Sets up the sentimental situation only to send it spinning in entirely unexpected directions .' Romance Novels for Feminists ' I liked how Walter and Olivia complete each other. She can sometimes be a little too hard and he can be a bit too soft, so they complement one another beautifully. For me that was the biggest strength of the story, something I absolutely loved .' With Love For Books ' If you're going on holiday, or a long train journey, you will devour this. ' Sandra Danby (author and book blogger) ' The characters are what makes it - they keep you turning the pages as you're so invested in what might happen to them. ' Jo on Amazon ' There was a real punch of emotional depth - one minute I'd be grinning at what the characters were saying or doing and the next I was fighting tears. Highly recommended. ' KT on Amazon ' The pages fly by ' - Goodreads review


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Girl in Trouble

W alter stepped out of the airport and turned his phone on. It beeped as it reconnected with the UK mobile phone network. He checked his messages almost by reflex. There was a message from his ex-wife. Frowning, he opened it.

Charlotte: Helo Daddy

Its Emily her. Mummy sais your comin home. That is gud. I mised you.


Luv xxx xxxxxxcxxx

Ah. The message wasn't from Charlotte, but from their daughter. Seeing her was the best thing about being back in country. He quickly texted Charlotte to remind her to bring Emily round to see him and strode out to find a taxi. It was just after midnight now. With luck, he could get home and grab a few hours' sleep before the morning.

O LIVIA COULDN'T SLEEP . The longer she lay there, the more elusive it seemed to be. She turned her phone on and looked again at the messages from Will.

Will: Hi. Was fun the other night. Never kissed a best man before ;-). Want to do dinner on Thursday? Will.

Olivia: Can't say the same myself. Friday would be better. When and where?

Will: How about I come and pick you up around 8pm on Friday? Just send me your postcode and I'll come find you.

She turned the screen back off and put the phone away, face down.

Will was fun. She smiled. Lots of fun. She hadn't expected to hear from him again. A drunken fumble after a stag do didn't usually lead to anything. But there it was, a message from him. That was all good.

It had been some time since she'd met a man she actually wanted to date. Most of the men in her life were guys she met on holiday. Short, sweet flings that fitted into days of water sport or skiing. None of them had swept her off her feet or made her feel inclined to settle down to a life of monotony and domestic servitude.

She sighed. Clearly, she wasn't going to fall asleep. She rolled out of bed and pulled on a pair of socks so that she could walk to the kitchen. Olivia rented the downstairs rooms of a larger house. She had a living room and a bedroom with a tiny en suite bathroom, and access to the galley kitchen at the back. While she could lock herself into her two rooms, in order to get to the kitchen she had to use the shared main hallway, which had the front door at one end, and the galley kitchen, with a door leading into the garden at the other. Sharing the hallway wasn't a problem at the moment, since there was nobody living upstairs. Mrs Hanborough had mentioned that her son, who owned the house, was away "on a research trip". When he returned, Olivia just hoped he didn't disturb her. She worked hard so she deserved her sleep during the week.

After years of cramped shared apartments, the luxury of being able to live in a real house, with not one, but two rooms and a clean kitchen, was still wonderful. Because of the weird kitchen arrangement, these rooms had been a bargain, by London standards, and with her new job in the legal department of one of the top management consultancy firms, she'd decided to treat herself.

The house was one of those tall Georgian ones and the tiled hallway floor was cold underfoot, even with socks on. She didn't bother turning on the light. It wasn't fully dark in the house - it was never fully dark anywhere in London as far as she knew. She got herself a pint glass of water, had a brief debate with herself before deciding against toast. She was part way back to her bedroom when she heard a scratching noise coming from the front door.

Olivia froze and peered towards the old-fashioned door. Definitely someone trying the lock. Her whole body tensed. What should she do?

She ducked into her room and grabbed her phone. She unlocked it and dashed back out to the corridor, her thumb hovering over the number 9, in case she needed emergency services. She took another

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