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Hal's Worldly Temptations Nurse Hal Among The Amish von Risner, Fay (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 02.11.2014
  • Verlag: Create Space
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Hal's Worldly Temptations

Join the fun. You are invited to the wedding of John Lapp and Nurse Hal. Family and friends have gathered to cook, clean and plan. Men have put up a tent for the guests, so put on your bonnet or felt hat, hitch up your buggy and take a ride by scenic pastures and rolling hills to Wickenburg, Iowa. Take a seat on a bench next to Hal's folks. They will be glad to explain the ceremony, because they came armed with Aunt Tootie's book on Amish customs. You will find a few surprises when little Daniel Lapp interrupts the bishop when he asks if anyone objects to the couple's marriage. Oh and Stella Strutt has some sort of fit. It will be the most talked about Amish wedding for years to come. Hal's married life is downhill from there. She refuses to give up her car and cell phone. Getting caught by Stella Strutt at the Old Thrasher Reunion on a 'joy ride' doesn't help her avoid punishment. Is Hal going to get sent away before she gets settled in? Stick around after the wedding and find out, why don't you?


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Hal's Worldly Temptations

Chapter 1

Bacon! Hal pulled the sheet off her chin, wrinkled her nose and sniffed. Greasy, stomach rolling, strong smelling bacon. Whether she liked it or not that s what she smelled. Hal pressed one hand against her crazily pitching, queasy stomach and used the other to pull the sheet up over her nose to try to block the stink.

Mom must be cooking breakfast. She blinked her eyes and rubbed them, trying to wake up. A peek from one eye at the window told her it was still dark outside. What was Mom doing up this early? She glanced at the clock beside the bed and groaned softly. Three scarlet numbers, four and two zeros glared at her.

Hal grabbed her bathrobe and slipped into it on the way to the kitchen. She put her hands on her hips and studied her stocky, gray haired mother s back as she stood in of the cookstove. Mom, do you know what time it is? I d hoped I could sleep in a little longer. We ve got a lot of work to do today to get ready for my wedding tomorrow. What are you doing up this early?

From what your Aunt Tootie found in a book about the Amish at the library, they always get up early. We need to get a move on so we get to the farm fairly soon. We don t want the Lapp family to think we re lazy people. You might as well get used to getting out of bed before daylight, Nora Lindstrom chided.

I don t think they get up this early, groaned Hal.

Nora forked the bacon from the skillet onto a plate. You sure? Maybe we should ask John so you know for sure.

No, don t bother, Hal said brusquely and changed the subject. No breakfast for me, Mom. I don t think I could eat a bit,

Nora focused a knowing smile on her daughter. Didn t fix you any. This is for your dad. I m not so old that I don t remember my wedding day. Didn t think you d be able to eat much today or tomorrow until after the wedding is over. The coffee s done if you want a cup.

Sure. That I need to wake me up, Hal said dryly. As she poured, she said, Thanks, Mom, for helping me box up my things last night. It won t take long to clear out the apartment now. I know that was a chore you didn t expect as soon as you arrived yesterday. You had to be tired after that long drive from Titonka.

Wasn t that big a job. I was glad to help. Nora broke two eggs into the hot greasy skillet.

I cleaned out my closet before I went to bed and sacked my clothes to give Good Will. We can put them in the drop off box this morning on the way out of town, Hal said, staring off into space.

The sound in Hal s voice made Nora twist to study her. You don t sound so all right about giving away your clothes.

That is hard. I like my English clothes, but when I think about choosing between a fashion statement and a family, there s no contest, Hal said, sitting down at the table with her coffee. I ve one box of photo albums I d like Dad to put in the car trunk so you don t go off without it. You might as well take the pictures home with you. I hate to throw them away.

I get it that the Amish don t want pictures taken of them, Nora started. But --.

They think when someone takes a picture of them that s stealing their soul. The bible says no graven images, Hal interrupted.

I know all that, but you weren t Amish when those pictures were taken. I d think you could at least take the small album with your grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles in it to your new home. Someday John s children and hopefully, some of your own would like to see what you looked like as a child and their ancestors.

You think? Hal said optimistically.

Her mother's head, brown hair feathered with gray, nodded. She had her attention on the eggs she was turning. Can't see how it would be bad to have pictures of people who didn't believe the graven image scripture. John and his family should be broad minded enough to allow you your family pictures.

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