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Harry Potter Places Book One London and London Side-Along Apparations von Miller, C. D. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 07.06.2012
  • Verlag: First Edition Design Publishing
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Harry Potter Places Book One

Welcome to Harry Potter Places Book One--London and London Side-Along Apparations, the first of five guidebooks designed to help Potterites visit Potterverse places in the UK, including real-life places mentioned in JKR's novels and movie film sites. On the website you'll find Book One's Table of Contents and learn about all the Harry Potter Places travel guidebooks. www.HarryPotterPlaces.com After more than four years of research, CD Miller and a host of helpful Potterites managed to find seventy (70) Harry Potter Places in the United Kingdom of Great Britain that are associated with the Potterverse. To learn more about the FIVE Harry Potter Places travel guidebooks, go to the website: www.HarryPotterPlaces.com Each Harry Potter Places travel guidebook provides directions for finding the real-life locations described in JK Rowling's books, the places where Harry Potter filming took place, and the sites that significantly influenced movie studio set design--real-life sites that look just like what we saw on screen. Every Potterite who contributed to the creation of Harry Potter Places travel guidebooks did so because we love the Harry Potter books and movies ... we dearly want to visit each and every UK Harry Potter Place ... and we want to help YOU visit them, too!


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Harry Potter Places Book One


Welcome to the A Novel Holiday travel guidebook, Harry Potter Places Book 1-London and London Side-Along Apparations , the first of five guidebooks designed to help Harry Potter Fans ( Potterites ) visit places found in the United Kingdom of Great Britain (the UK ) that are associated with the Harry Potter Universe (the Potterverse ). In the Potterverse, you'll find:

Real-life places mentioned within J.K. Rowling ' s Harry Potter novels.

Real-life locations where Harry Potter movie filming took place.

Real-life sites that significantly influenced Harry Potter movie studio set design.

The Prior Incantato section is the Harry Potter Places Travel Guidebook Introduction. As such, it contains important explanations of the symbols and terminology found within each of the five Harry Potter Places ( HPP ) travel guidebooks.

Harry Potter Places Portkeys

To assist Potterites using eBook-reading devices that don't have a web browser-devices from which you cannot apparate-or Potterites using a printed HPP travel guidebook, we've created HPP Portkeys : Internet-posted PDFs containing all the Internet resource links provided in each section of every HPP book.

Go to HarryPotterPlaces.com. Click on the link for Book One , then click on the Supplementums link. There you can access the Portkeys.

Harry Potter Places Ratings Icon Guide

It took more than three years of research, but we managed to find sixty-eight (68) Potter Places in the UK -specifically on the island of Great Britain. However, not all of these sites are places every Potterite will enjoy. Thus, we assessed each for their reasonable importance to an average Potterite's UK holiday, and created icons that provide an at-a-glance recognition of their rating.

The Great Site icon indicates a Potter Place you don't want to miss. These are important sites mentioned in the books, or film locations readily recognized in real-life.

The Might Be Fun icon identifies places some Potterites might find disinteresting, or unworthy of the inconvenience required to reach them. Each Might-Be-Fun Site's entry explains why it received that rating.

The Skip It icon is assigned to places we strongly suggest you avoid visiting, and the Site's entry explains why. Although we provide SatNav/GPS coordinates and/or addresses for Skip-It-rated sites, we do not provide directions for finding them, nor are Skip-It sites included in any of the suggested Harry Potter Places itineraries. Potterites divinely inspired to visit any Skip-It site should investigate the location using the information provided in its Site entry, then create their own itineraries.

The Potterite Prime Directive


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