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Her Game, His Rules von Brookes, Saundra (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 02.09.2010
  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Her Game, His Rules

Amanda Bair has a tough exterior and a well-honed habit of using people, traits that serve her well in her career and her shallow relationships with men. Until now. Just as she's about to take off on vacation, she learns that she's been passed over for promotion. At a party that evening she meets Kyle, a retired military officer who is in town to lead an outdoor training seminar for a local outfitting company. Depressed about the promotion, she decides that a week in the great outdoors with Kyle would make for a nice vacation and would surely help her mood. She manipulates an invitation from a reluctant Kyle, telling as many lies as necessary to convince him that she's up to the physical demands. However, upon arriving at the private wilderness site, Amanda learns that she's misinterpreted a few details about the training seminar. The other participants are not due to arrive for two weeks, and now she's alone in the woods with Kyle. After spending just a few hours with Kyle, it's clear that this 'city girl' with her couture clothes and fancy make-up has severely overestimated her physical fitness. She quickly reverts to her usual manipulative tactics, and abruptly earns a session over Kyle's lap, where she'll learn a few lessons about lies and disrespect with a first ass-blistering spanking. It certainly won't be her last! From then on, the no-nonsense Kyle gives her the training she really needs: absolute submission to a man. Taking charge, he demands she be naked and sexually available to him at all times, which immediately provokes her anger. However, as Amanda's rebellious behavior increases, so do the pain and humiliation of her punishments. While her rebellion allows her to hide a long-held sexual secret, it's one that Kyle will discover on his own. But just as Amanda fully surrenders to Kyle, he abruptly declares that their time in the wilderness is over, and he has already made his decision about their future.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 02.09.2010
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781935897187
    Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Her Game, His Rules

Part One

Amanda sat back on her heels and rolled her eyes.

"Do you think you could come sometime today?" she said, looking up at her boss. Amanda was on her hands and knees, clad only in the lacy thong Brad liked, and she'd been trying for over twenty minutes to get him off. Her neck was sore, her jaw ached, and all she wanted to do was finish this chore and get on with her day.

Brad sat on a long bench at the end of the bed, and continued to watch the oversized plasma screen mounted on the wall facing him. Amanda turned to see what was so interesting. Two well-endowed men were kneeling on either side of an obscenely busty woman on a chaise lounge. The sound was off, and the woman's mouth formed the predictable oooooh and aaaaah shapes as she pressed her breasts together and offered both men a nipple to suck.

Amanda turned to face Brad and sighed.

"Do you want to just finish this yourself?" she asked. "I'm going on vacation tomorrow, remember, and I really have a lot to-"

Brad took her head in his hands and pulled her back toward his marginally firm erection.

"Suck," he said. "It won't be much longer."

She shoved his hands away from her head and repositioned herself to continue. She rocked back and forth on her hands and knees and increased the attention of her lips to the head of his cock in hopes of moving things along.

Amanda hated these mornings. The frequency of the visits had inexplicably diminished the past several weeks, and she was too grateful to waste time wondering why. The dreaded mornings were rushed, tense, and demeaning, but she knew she had no one to blame but herself. Brad determined when she had to appear at his condominium, and the one time she tried to reschedule, he threatened to back out of their agreement. She'd begged him countless times to be more discreet in his communications with her, but knowing he could cause such discomfort seemed to make toying with her that much more attractive to him. Sometimes she would find a "don't forget our meeting" note scribbled on scratch paper and placed on her desk chair. Or, he might casually appear in the coffee room at the same time she was refilling her cup. He'd look at his watch and say, "Well, looks like it's about that time," and she knew she had to be at his place the next morning by seven-thirty. She'd push past Brad at his front door, change out of her work clothes; throw on the thong, red lipstick and hoop earrings he liked, and try to satisfy him in record time before they went to the office. Good thing he asked for nothing more than a blowjob, since having his cold little hands on her body would have been more than she could bear. Geez, what a reptile, she thought, while stealing a glance up at his face. It wasn't that he was bad looking, just not even remotely her type, and it sure would have helped to have some respect for the guy whose dick she sucked so often. Amanda sighed. She'd been tempted to call it off with Brad countless times over the past several months, but she was too close to the goal to give up now.

To take her mind off the pain in her neck and shoulders, she let her eyes wander as she always did to the color of the walls, the bedside lamps, the comforter, and the sheets on the unmade bed. His décor was so cliché he may as well have had naked women or martini glasses on his throw pillows. He'd obviously paid someone to decorate his place, and the resulting style didn't suit his personality at all. Then again, if he actually had a personality . . .

Brad came in Amanda's mouth. She spat his semen into her hand, jumped up and raced into the bathroom. She rinsed her mouth, washed her hands, brushed her teeth, wiped off the smeared red lipstick around her mouth, freshened her make-up, threw her lace thong and cheap hoop earrings into her "Brad bag," changed into her work clothes, grabbed her purse, and was in her car in less than ten minutes.

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