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Judge, Jury & Jailor and Other Tales of Female Domination von Edwards, Lance (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 22.09.2009
  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Judge, Jury & Jailor and Other Tales of Female Domination

Buxom beauties, brutal lesbians, and formidable femme fatales, out for revenge against the inferior sex, highlight this new collection of Femdom short stories. Their aim is to torture, emasculate and anally brutalize the sub male, while these pitiful creatures grovel helplessly before them. Judge, Jury & Jailor In this title story, a date rapist is arrested by a female police officer and taken to her private residence, where she rapes the offender in the ass. Then it's off to her medieval torture chamber in a subterranean cell where he'll get 50 lashes from her fearsome looking whip. Then In Laying Down the Law, Susan catches her husband, wimpy Timmy, masturbating to Internet porn. From now on, she'll demand his total obedience, cage his sorry cock and whip his bare ass...and that's just for starters! Then the tiny elfin Sprite subjects sub Kyle to lots of humiliating verbal abuse and anal sex with her hefty dildo. And Gino's boss, The Incredible Hulga, turns him into 'Gina' with the help of a wig, make up, and sexy lingerie. He'll be painfully whipped if he dares to cum, while she uses her huge dildo to violate his ass. Life with Zoya includes barebottomed whipping, being buggered by Zoya's 10 inch dildo and a daily baptism of pee. And in Excellent Morning Exertions, Jimmy's overcooked roast earns him a dose of Tyra's huge punishment dildo as well as a sound bareass belting. In Christmas Present, Laura gives her best friends, Cara, Donna and Kristie, her gift wrapped husband Ben to use during this festive season. They'll toss a coin to decide whether they fuck his face (heads) or his ass (tails). And in The Venus GuyTrap, a hapless sub, in search of female domination, falls into the hands of a ruthless domme who will take him to the brink with extreme CBT and anal rape with her huge black dildo.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 22.09.2009
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781936173945
    Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Judge, Jury & Jailor and Other Tales of Female Domination

Laying Down the Law

I've just caught my precious young husband of less than a week cheating on me!

Well, maybe not actively, technically cheating. What he's been doing is looking at pornography on the internet, and masturbating to it. But that's just as bad as cheating, in my book.

Number one, he should never be looking at or thinking about, much less lusting after, any woman at all other than his wife, right? Am I not more alluring to him than any other woman in the world? He can bet his sweet ass I am! With my thick, wonderfully lustrous black hair, naturally huge and firm and upswept breasts, long strong legs, trim flat belly, big muscular butt and incredibly lovely face I am stunningly gorgeous. Number two, he should never, ever be touching himself like that! His entire life, sexual, social and otherwise, should revolve completely around me. That kind of secret, solitary pleasure is a betrayal of the most fundamental kind. He has fucked up big-time!

But that's actually all right, in a way, at least this once. This great sin of his has presented me with the perfect opportunity to implement all of my carefully made plans, to establish precisely the right kind of relationship that we must have now that we're finally married. I have actually been waiting for and dreaming of this day for all my life, and here it is at last. From this moment onward I shall own my carefully groomed and chosen mate absolutely. His every waking thought and deepest sleeping dream shall henceforth always be about pleasing me. I've already accumulated everything I need to captivate and dominate him permanently. It's all hidden away in my closet, just waiting for this magic moment. Now it's finally time to get to work on making this the most perfect marriage ever imagined!

Slim young Timmy stands before me, shamefaced and fidgeting. His eyes are downcast; his pants around his ankles and his formerly urgent erection drooping sadly as I wind up my lecture on the above points.

"Do you understand me boy? If you want to keep me as your wife, you have to honor your marriage vows always and completely. You swore to love, honor, cherish, and above all obey me every minute of every day for the rest of your life. Looking at other women, even on a computer screen, is an unpardonable sin against me. Playing with your penis is even worse, and doing them together! Frankly I'm speechless. You have been an appallingly naughty boy. It's obvious to me that this relationship needs to be formalized around some strict new parameters. Now, do want to remain my husband?"

"Yes ma'am," Timmy meekly husks, still unable to look me in the face.

Oh how perfect he is! Of course I always knew it would be like this. Timmy has been a wimpy little mamma's boy his entire life. I know, because I've been a good friend and mentor to his teenage single mother since before he was even born. I've watched him grow up tiny, timid, meek and submissive; stunted in all the right ways and always caught squirming helplessly under the firm thumb of his pitilessly domineering mother.

Wholly approving, even secretly delighted, I constantly encouraged her as she methodically molded little Timmy into the perfect kind of man for me. Then, when she fortuitously began failing and ultimately died of cancer last month, I stepped right into her place. After providing years of comfort and emotional support I wasted no time at all in first seducing and then quickly marrying the reticent little eighteen year-old virgin my best friend had left behind.

Just in time, too. At thirty-seven I am nearly twice Timmy's age and yet still in my gorgeous prime, perfectly suited to assume the role of sexual superior slash mother-surrogate, the ultimate authority figure in his life on every psychological level. He has been perfectly bred and conditioned to succumb to me absolutely. And after this most incredible night he will be my sla

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