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Kay's Decision von Collins, D. W. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 16.12.2011
  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Kay's Decision

Mortified after Dave asked her to suck his cock, Kay calls him every name in the book and they part company. After a month, she realizes she misses him terribly and figures she can win him back and not have to do anything as disgusting as fellatio. Kay goes to the Cathedral, where Dave is the Bishop, and puts her charms to work. They decide to go on vacation together to his cottage in Jordan Valley, but he has one condition; she must completely submit to him to determine if she can live with his lifestyle and marry him. Figuring she can convince him she's the one in control, Kay agrees. When she rebels during the drive by not immediately taking off her panties in the car, he tells her to get out on the side of the road. He grabs a paddle out of his trunk and proceeds to spank her disobedient ass. She soon realizes that he's serious about the submission. After her punishment, she has to get back in the car panty-less and they resume their drive. Upon arriving in beautiful Jordan Valley, Kay learns this village is like no other. Men are dominant and the women are expected to submit, or they receive harsh punishment; mostly in public. They soon find themselves watching Seth switch his wife, Rebecca, for sassing him. The punishment takes place over his porch railing that most houses in the village have installed just for this purpose. Kay takes it well, but cannot imagine Dave actually doing anything like that to her. During her week, Kay learns the true meaning of submitting herself completely to Dave. D.W. Collins brings us a titillating tale of training a perfect submissive


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 16.12.2011
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781937831189
    Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Kay's Decision

Chapter Two

The bell rang precisely at the time Dave had said he would arrive. He was always compulsively punctual. Kay had been waiting and quickly ushered him in.

"I'm glad you wore the clothing I sent," he said before engulfing her in his arms and kissing her. "You look very pretty in them."

Dave liked her firm breasts free whenever possible. The soft sweater sensuously caressed her upper body and made her nipples delightfully hard. She was looking forward to him slipping his hands under the garment soon. The knee socks were their private joke. He had regularly told her that he found them very sexy. Every piece of the clothing he had sent flattered her form and she was proud to wear them. His playful leer also told her that he was looking forward to seeing her out of them. She had no objection to that either. A morning quickie would be a great way to get their relationship back on track.

"We have a long drive," he said. "Where is your bag?" She pointed to the corner. Without any warning; he lifted the small case onto a nearby table and opened it. Kay was intrigued, but she prudently chose to keep quiet. She was going to master this submission business if she possibly could. He reached inside and quickly removed every pair of slacks, shorts, every bra, and each nightgown. "My cabin is on the church retreat, so ladies are not allowed to wear pants or shorts, you don't need bras and I will keep you too busy for any nightgown. Please get that wonderful black dress you wore on our last date." Kay shivered with eager anticipation and hurried to get the dress and its shoes and stockings.

When she returned, Dave took her hand. "I have something important to say to you." He stroked her cheek with a lone finger. She could not stifle a tremble. "Once you get into my car, you are mine for the week. I want you to experience what being my wife will be like." His using the word "wife" made her tremble again. "I will not waste time debating our roles. Your coming with me will indicate your consent. You will be expected to submit and I will enforce that submission. It is the only way you will be able to decide if you can be happy with me. I sincerely hope you will accept my proposal."

"I am yours for the week," Kay said wearing her most seductive smile. "I look forward to being yours for the next few days." His warmth had already melted any resistance she might have offered.

Dave politely ushered her out the door and into his silver Mercedes. He carefully put her bag in its trunk. He gave her a kiss and started the big car. The first half hour was spent crawling through dense city traffic. When they finally got onto the freeway, Dave relaxed and put his hand on Kay's left knee. She did not complain when he slid it along her thigh and eased her hem up. They both enjoyed themselves when he began to caress her smooth bare skin. Her knees spread naturally to encourage him.

"I'm glad you like to be touched," he said. "It makes road trips go so much faster." He stroked her thighs and occasionally let his fingers caress her moist crotch. When they exited the freeway, Dave stopped at a convenience store for soft drinks and a bathroom break. Kay was disappointed when Dave kept both hands on the wheel when they pulled out of the lot. The road was narrow and winding, but well maintained.

"We will be on this road for about forty minutes," Dave said smoothly. "It has very little traffic so we can have a little time to enjoy ourselves. Slip off your panties and hand them to me."

"Right here in the car?" Kay blurted without thinking. Submission was the furthest thing from her mind.

"There are no cars around. Get the panties off now." His tone took on a hard edge.

"Why?" she said desperately trying to mana

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