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Landslide von Kamrud, Bret (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.09.2015
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Steve Lange, a veteran railroader, had it all except one thing: A son to carry on his legacy. It's a festering desire that eludes him, driving him to a dark place, causing his downward spiral. It intensifies when an Amtrak train derails while on his watch. The railroad, media, and even his wife Jackie, point accusing fingers at him. Jackie, avoiding Steven and the media spotlight, take their two daughters to a remote cabin along the Missouri River. It sets in motion a parlous journey leaving Jackie fighting for her life. Will the woman who owns Steven's heart survive his negligence, the Montana wild, and the railroad legacy that haunts him?


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 01.09.2015
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9780989547826
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1 ... cursed at the knifing rain that wept like a bridal veil off the brim of his orange hardhat. Renowned railroad foreman Steven Lange staggered out from the forest's shadowy outline. His 36 year-old body toiled against foot-deep snow that roped around his Carhartt pants like slick, heavy chains. He entered a small clearing and stopped, knowing a few more minutes to collect his wits wouldn't hurt. Besides, it was a good place to relieve himself. The Norwegian descendent looked up into the seamless gray sky and cursed at the knifing rain that wept like a bridal veil off the brim of his orange hardhat. Embedded in the heavy moisture he caught a fleeting pine scent. Normally he found the smell reassuring, but not today. Definitely not today. He knew just then, in a brief glimmer of truth, that his hopes of leaving behind a railroad legacy were dwindling with each passing year. Even though he wanted to father another baby with Jackie, hoping for a boy, he also understood the danger to her of undergoing another pregnancy. He loved her too much to put her at risk for the sake of his male legacy dream. Regardless, he couldn't block out the fact that Jackie's biological clock continued to tick and that one day all hopes would be dashed forever. Is it possible that age may produce a miracle? he asked himself. After all, it had been nine years since their youngest was born. Had the intervening years diminished the threat to his wife's health? He sighed, his short-lived rationalization dismantled by uncertainty and brooding questions. It went without saying that he felt guilty for thinking such thoughts. He wiped at his face with the back of his leather glove and lied. "Forget it. We don't need another mouth to feed anyway." One thing was certain. He felt as though he were failing in every aspect of his life. His work, his friendships, his sanity, and his marriage of 13 years were in jeopardy. Adding to the certainties, a slow buildup of resentment was getting the best of him these days. Somehow he knew his antagonism was directed at friends and family, though he had no idea why. Life was unpredictable, and sometimes a gamble. He'd survived more than his share of bumps and bruises. He'd survive this, too. "Never again, Jackie... nev- "Promises, promises, cowboy," the unwelcome voice, deep inside Steven's dark half, interrupted. Your dearest wife has had enough. You're screwed, blued, and tattooed, Hoss, but I'm here for ya. I always will be, regardless of how much shit you stir up. We belong together like a grizzly and the wild. Don't start. Not today , Steven's mind fired back. The gruff female voice taking up residence spoke to him on a regular basis. He nicknamed her his "liquid demon." The alias was quite fitting because of her insatiable desire to raise hell inside Steven's head like a severe hangover. She evolved from the anguished darkness of Steven's mind over a year ago. The precise date and moment escaped him, but then as of late, most everything did. Pinpointing the time she first evolved was like trying to find your direction in impenetrable fog. Her birth was amorphous, like the foreboding clouds above. She clamored freely inside his mind, swimming through his daily thoughts like a shark at feeding time. In Jackie's presence, the voice would clam up and hide inside the folds of Steven's warm, soft brain tissue, safe and alert. At times she'd reassure Steven that Steven was still in control. She embraced his side of rationalization, as long as Steven stayed abreast of their journey and did not stray off course. She schemed, manipulated, and stroked his lack of discipline, convincing him that all was well; that his faultless small town world hadn't been breached and that his secret would always be secure. However

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