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Liquor & Whores von Walter, Chris (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 09.01.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Liquor & Whores

Chris Walter doing what he does best - a rowdy, frantic tale of madness and booze Old man Hendrickson is relatively happy until two crazy whores teeter into his life and complicate everything all to hell. Faster than a beer can roll off a porch, he has pantyhose draped over his shower curtain and tampons in his medicine cabinet. Hendrickson somehow adapts to this oddly comfortable scenario only to have is shattered by a vicious pimp with an evil agenda. The tsunami of bullshit that follows is unfortunate but predictable, making the old man deeply regret his involvement. Even worse, he suspects that he might actually like one of those whores.


    Format: ePUB
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    Seitenzahl: 200
    Erscheinungsdatum: 09.01.2016
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781927053263
    Verlag: BookBaby
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Liquor & Whores

1 Life Choices Olaf Hendrickson soared gracefully through the air. The sensation might have been pleasant had it lasted longer, but any enjoyment he might have taken from the flight ended abruptly when his head struck the swinging doors at the Belmont Hotel with a resounding thump . Clear of this obstacle, Olaf continued his voyage like a drunken, wingless bird, landing in a heap just inches from the curb. Seconds later, his cane swooped out the door after him and bounced to a stop near his head. The bouncers, for all their many faults, were not weak of arm or shoulder. Lying on the sidewalk looking up at the sky, Olaf paused to reflect on his sorry life up to that point. His biggest mistakes included nearly killing a man in a bar fight, and cheating on the only woman he'd ever truly loved. The first mistake had cost him five years in Kent Penitentiary; the second had almost cost him his life. Had the girl stabbed him in the neck just a half inch to the left, she would have saved him from all the poor choices he made later. Shit, thought Olaf, rubbing a raw patch on his elbow, damn near every decision he'd ever made had turned out to be a huge fucking mistake. His ejection from the Belmont Hotel didn't even rate. Still, considered Olaf, hoisting himself painfully from the sidewalk, he was not a young man any more and his poor decisions hurt more than ever. Although his attempt to cheat at poker last week was a worse idea than it was to raise hell in the Belmont, he could hardly overlook the connection. There was no question that angering the bartender today was merely the latest in a lifetime of terrible choices, and it was abundantly clear that he was absolutely incapable of making the right decisions. Everything he did was a mistake. The sun beat down as Olaf picked up his cane and hobbled away. At age sixty, the parts of his body that still worked ached horribly, and decades of hard drinking had taken a considerable toll. His decision to accept a quick settlement for a crippling workplace injury was merely another example of his inability to look out for himself. If money hadn't been such an issue he might have waited, but booze wasn't free and neither was rent. That money was mostly gone now, and he was scraping by on Disability, living in a roach-infested dump with the empty bottles and bills that seemed to grow larger each month. His circumstances made him very thirsty and more than a little ornery. No one had ever accused Olaf Hendrickson of being a kind and gentle soul. Olaf didn't care much for people. They walked around with their eyes glued to hand-held devices, barely aware of their surroundings. Detached homes cost more than most people could earn in twenty years, and decent housing was beyond the reach of average citizens. The city was nothing but luxury cars, corporate logos, designer clothing, shopping malls, and high-end grocery stores that sold food so expensive they had to weigh it by the gram. Although modern appliances were brighter, shinier, and inexpensive, they broke down almost immediately or didn't work at all. Not just that, but everything was on the computer these days and you couldn't even park a car in the city without a mobile phone and a credit card. Single serving coffee pods filled the garbage dumps, and the madness would continue until some asshole designed a system that was even more wasteful. Nothing made sense, and everything Olaf knew was gone, replaced by a sterile, overly-complicated facsimile of the original, made out of plastic and impossible to open. The more Olaf thought about what was wrong with the world, the more he needed a drink. Aching and cranky, Olaf arrived at the Sylvester Hotel and paused briefly to lean on his cane. A smoker and a heavy

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