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Little Johannes - The Original Classic Edition von Eeden, Frederik van (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 18.03.2013
  • Verlag: Emereo Publishing
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Little Johannes - The Original Classic Edition

Finally available, a high quality book of the original classic edition of Little Johannes. It was previously published by other bona fide publishers, and is now, after many years, back in print. This is a new and freshly published edition of this culturally important work by Frederik van Eeden, which is now, at last, again available to you. Get the PDF and EPUB NOW as well. Included in your purchase you have Little Johannes in EPUB AND PDF format to read on any tablet, eReader, desktop, laptop or smartphone simultaneous - Get it NOW. Enjoy this classic work today. These selected paragraphs distill the contents and give you a quick look inside Little Johannes:Look inside the book: This slow evolution of romance is all unlike what occurs when a poet chooses some wild-flower of popular lore, and cultivates it in his garden, when La Fontaine, for example, selects the Fable, when the anecdote is developed into the fabliau or the conte, when Apuleius makes prize of Cupid and Psyche (a Mrchen of world-wide renown), when Fnelon moralises the fairy tale, or Madame d'Aulnoy touches it with courtly wit and happy humour, or when Thackeray burlesques it, with a kindly mockery, or when Dr. ...His father was a wise, grave man, who sometimes took Johannes with him for long walks through the woods and over the sand-hills, but then he spoke little, and Johannes ran a few steps behind, talking to the flowers he saw, and the old trees which had always to stay in the same place, stroking them gently with his little hand on the rough bark. ...The mice and frogs leaped as high as they could on their hind legs, an old rat spun round so roughly that all the rest had to keep out of his way, and even a fat slug ventured to take a turn with a mole, but soon gave it up, excusing herself by saying that she had a stitch in her side-the real reason was that she could not do it well. About Frederik van Eeden, the Author: His best known written work, 'De Kleine Johannes' ('Little Johannes'), which first appeared in the premiere issue of De Nieuwe Gids, was a fantastical adventure of an everyman who grows up to face the harsh realities of the world around him and the emptiness of hopes for a better afterlife, but ultimately finding meaning in serving the good of those around him. ...He established a commune named Walden, taking inspiration from Thoreau's book Walden, in Bussum, North Holland, where the residents tried to produce as much of their needs as they could themselves and to share everything in common, and where he took up a standard of living far below what he was used to.


    Format: ePUB
    Kopierschutz: AdobeDRM
    Erscheinungsdatum: 18.03.2013
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781486446070
    Verlag: Emereo Publishing
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