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Lizbeth's Lesbian Collection von Dusseau, Lizbeth (eBook)

  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Lizbeth's Lesbian Collection

Patrick Penny Investigations - brainchild of intrepid lesbian P.I.s Leslie Patrick and Robin Penny - takes on a really hot case: the murder of the notorious Diva Felicia Roman. The circumstances of the crime lead the pair on an excursion through the leatherdyke underground, where motives and desires run deep. But as Leslie and Robin soon find, every woman harbors her own closely guarded secret...Can they free their jailed client, Betsy Felicia's last lover? She could be the killer... but so could Martha who's been topping the insatiable Diva... or Remy, Martha's jealous lover, or Zelda, their mysterious trampy friend, or even the intimidating leatherdyke Domme Jane Hugh, who may have the most to gain from Felicia's demise. While Leslie and Robin unravel the mystery at the Victorian mansion on Roman Hill, sexual feelings between these former lovers are rekindled. Suddenly Leslie finds herself profoundly attracted by the S&M world that Robin loves the one she's so adamantly shunned. Pagan Dreams by Lizbeth Dusseau Female lovers Cassidy and Peach quit the city for the summer, traveling north to The Edge, a B&B playground for sexually openminded women, run by an experienced Female Dominant, Tasia. Wanting Peach for herself, Tasia lures her from Cassidy. While the angry Cassidy waits for Peach to return to her, she finds her own dominant tendencies are brought from hiding as she's seduced by the mysterious waif, Analise. Cruelly taking this innocent initiate through bondage, whipping, anal probing and other S&M tortures. Yet only the Midsummer Madness and a stunning confrontation with Tasia gives Cassidy the fulfillment she desires.


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Lizbeth's Lesbian Collection

Chapter Three

It's a miserable summer, the kind where the asphalt melts beneath your feet and you're skating on a thin coat of slime. The inland air is dry, and I daydream about ocean breezes so often that I convince Peach to go down to Newport for a weekday afternoon, even though I know the traffic will be worse than I want it to be. For late May, I'm thinking of other things besides the thick smog of LA. I want blue skies, and the top down on the Jeep, and a wide open road.

I'm telling Peach of my exasperation and she's telling me to stop complaining.

"We'll just leave for awhile," she says, "let you get your spirit back. You're much too crabby now for me to want to be around you." I know she's kidding, but still, she's disgusted with me.

"I'm not used to cities," I explain in my defense. "Especially this one. There are too many directions to move and too many people."

"That's okay, we'll leave," she repeats.

"Leave? Where?"

"Anywhere, we have the time." She's right, no classes until September. I don't have to teach summer school. I can already feel the freedom surge inside my bones. Peach is already free as a bird. She won't want to do anything all summer but stay in bed with me. It's time well spent, though it still doesn't make LA any more bearable. The heat won't stop, the smog won't stop, and my feeling of oppression will go on until the first September breeze, which sometimes doesn't happen until October.

My decision is nearly made.

We leave for the beach thinking about where we'll go for our vacation.

After two hours in the beating sun and all the salt water we can stand, we drive up the Pacific Coast Highway for awhile, threading our way through a sprawl of beach towns. Peach driving, she takes a quick left down to the center of one small burg. I'm not sure at first exactly where we are. She spots a parking place, an ice cream store; and though I don't realize it, something else she wants to see.

After ice cream, we walk down the street, the sun is beating on our backs. We're not holding hands because our palms get too sweaty, but we're so close we can feel each other's atoms passing back and forth. At last she puts her arm around me because Peach cannot help herself. She arouses me with her warm touch, and my hand drops to feel her rear end lightly. Now, I want to be in bed with her, to turn her back against me so I can feel the smooth softness of her ass pressed against my groin. I want to make a journey around all my favorite places. The thought of it consumes me, it always does. I wonder if we can find some semi-public place to get each other off. The idea already has me wet between my legs.

We pass by a shop and Peach stops, standing at the store window looking in. There's a clutter of bright colored clothes hanging there, and jewelry of odd handmade designs, and artful pottery. I wonder what's caught her eye.

"They do tattooing, let's go see."

She drags me by the hand inside. I'm reeling by the sudden turn, though abrupt changes are common in Peach's company. The idea of tattooing makes me almost nauseous but I have little choice but to follow her inside.

The shop smells of incense, the air tepid and close, but erotic. Floor to ceiling, the walls are covered with art, and clothes, and things it would take an hour to inspect. I can't stop staring at everything, though my eyes are confused by all the colors. There's too much, so I focus on Peach instead, as she moves from rack to rack, counter to counter in wide-eyed wonder. I watch her sumptuous movement, thinking only of how much I'd like our bodies close now. The shop has only made me hornier, my need for her kisses and her cunt more immediate. I can feel the stickiness between my legs where I'm naked under my long skirt.

Following my lover from place to place, I realize she's distracted by the bright colors and baubles that make the shop lo

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