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Maid To Order von Dusseau, Lizbeth (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 03.01.2006
  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Maid To Order

Miles Hitchcock's plans for hiring the 'perfect' maid go awry, when instead of the blonde Romanian beauty he ordered off the Internet, a bedraggled brunette waif lands on the doorstep of his Alabama plantation house. He's ready to send Daniela back to Slovenia. But she's not about to give up her dream of working for a handsome, wealthy American. To get there she's been forced to strip, interrogated, videotaped and used by sleazy flesh peddlers. She begs the man to keep her and although Miles agrees to let her stay, he plans to blow her out fast, demanding that she clean house naked and submit to hard corporal punishment for her mistakes. To Miles' amazement, the sexy Daniela is a natural submissive with a kinky streak that rivals his own. As her lust blooms under her master's command, his demands on her get rougher and more sexual. When he sets her up as the prize in a game of kinky strip poker, Daniela can't help her hungry body's greedy response to the crude gangbang and punishing pain that follows. But being Miles' whore unsettles the naive Daniela. She wants Miles, and Miles alone, as her lover and sexual master. When Miles' estranged wife, the sensuous blonde siren Jessica, enters the mix, sparks really start to fly. She befriends the bewildered Daniela, giving sage advice that infuriates her husband. Confused by her place in her master's life, the maid impulsively runs off straight into the arms of two backwoods boys, who use her hard and then blackmail her into stealing from her master. Miles learns of her thieving, throws her out, and a sobbing Daniela turns to Jessica to intervene on her behalf. Yes, Miles may give his maid another chance, but only if Jessica is willing to submit to a night of savage and humiliating abuse. The rarely bested Jessica is forced to make a tough choice. If she does her husband's bidding will it destroy her budding relationship with the gruff recluse Harry Sontag? More than ever she wants and needs this unyielding Dom to take control of her shamelessly promiscuous life.


    Format: ePUB
    Kopierschutz: none
    Seitenzahl: 118
    Erscheinungsdatum: 03.01.2006
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781934349113
    Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Maid To Order

Chapter One

June in Alabama

Like nails falling from the sky, the hammering rain stung what flesh remained unexposed and drenched the clothes that covered the rest of her slight body - all this in a mere five seconds between the taxi and the covered front porch of the sprawling house. With the taxi door slammed shut, the bright yellow vehicle zoomed through the puddle of water so fast that it splashed grey mud against the back of her legs as she made her dashing exit. Her hair in wet ringlets, the girl shook off the excess water and rung out her crocheted hat, which she then stuffed inside her knapsack. She wiped her hands against her skirt and took a deep breath to calm herself.

Although it was no time for being nervous, her heart still beat in a painful and uneasy rhythm, while her mind swirled with questions. She should stop now and turn back - the refrain had repeated itself a dozen times in the last hour, the only conscious thought she had. But turn back? How? She was far far from home where this foolish adventure began, and now far from the dilapidated clapboard house where she'd stayed six weeks while she was being processed. A two day car trip took her south to a small house on the outskirts of an unknown city; then she was shoved into the yellow taxi, driven another twenty-five miles to her final destination.

She rang the bell. What else could she do ...

But wait. How does one wait for Miles Covington Hitchcock? A stranger? The man who chose her from pictures, from a video Pavel's friend Nikolai made to sell her on the Internet? How does a man seeking a maid chose one? Mind riddled with crazy thoughts, she nearly bolted into the driving rain, but then the door swung open before her and a tall man appeared; at first like a ghostly presence on this gloomy fog-ridden day, then, as she looked up into his face, he came clearly into focus. Older. Middle-aged. Groomed to be perfect. And handsome - maybe for a woman twice her age. But no time to ponder that now.

"Daniela Zito, the agency sent me," she said, after nearly thirty seconds of awkward silence. This was what they told her to say.

The girl standing before him looked a bit like a drowned rat. So small, wet, her curly hair dripping, her clothes, yes, her clothes - what was this with her clothes? An odd combination. No. It was more than that, more than just the quirky clothes. This was not the girl he'd seen in the advertisement. That girl was blonde, pretty, dressed like a mannerly young woman, her smile bright and her eyes a sensuously soft blue. This girl was short and dark, her eyes a deep mahogany color. She'd dressed in a tiny blue suede skirt and slutty patterned tights; while her feet were tucked into a pair of grossly large boots. Although she wore a thin, grey, and now very drenched, sweater, it did very little to cover the lacy, low-cut teddy underneath. He supposed it was the current fashion, but he didn't like it. And of all things, in addition to her darkly-lined eyes and purple lipstick, there was a small but very visible nose ring through her septum.

"I believe there has been some mistake," he said in a voice deep enough to carry some weight and make the waiting girl shudder.

It took a moment for Daniela to understand this; not that she didn't understand English well; her mother had been English and she grew up with the language from birth. But these words were not what she expected to hear. Not now.

"No, sir, no," she shook her head, "there is no mistake. I belong here, I do. I'm your new maid." She stuffed her hand inside the pocket of the grey sweater and pulled out a piece of paper, shoving it forward so he could see. "Your name is here and my name. See that? Your address. Right here. Please!" She pointed her finger at what was once crisp blue writing - now a soggy but distinguishable blur. "I am yours." She paused. "You have to take m

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