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Memoirs of Napoleon - Volume 13 von Bourrienne, Louis Antoine Fauvelet de (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 06.11.2010
  • Verlag: Pub One Info
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Memoirs of Napoleon - Volume 13

pubOne.info present you this new edition. When Marmont left Paris on the receipt of the intelligence from Essonne, Marshals Macdonald and Ney and the Duke of Vicenza waited upon the Emperor Alexander to learn his resolution before he could have been informed of the movement of Marmont's troops. I myself went during the morning to the hotel of M. de Talleyrand, and it was there I learnt how what we had hoped for had become fact: the matter was completely decided. The Emperor Alexander had walked out at six in the morning to the residence of the King of Prussia in the Rue de Bourbon. The two sovereigns afterwards proceeded together to M. de Talleyrand's, where they were when Napoleon's Commissioners arrived. The Commissioners being introduced to the two sovereigns, the Emperor Alexander, in answer to their proposition, replied that the Regency was impossible, as submissions to the Provisional Government were pouring in from all parts, and that if the army had formed contrary wishes those should have been sooner made known. ",Sire, ", observed Macdonald, ",that- was- impossible, as none of the Marshals were in Paris, and besides, who could foresee the turn which affairs have taken? Could we imagine that an unfounded alarm would have removed from Essonne the corps of the Duke of Ragusa, who has this moment left us to bring his troops back to order? ", These words produced no change in the determination of the sovereigns, who would hear of nothing but the unconditional abdication of Napoleon


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 06.11.2010
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