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Naughty Niki von Dusseau, Lizbeth (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 11.05.2007
  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Naughty Niki

Beautiful, wealthy and bored, Bernardo Sanchez's new bride Niki has nothing to do at her husband's fancy hacienda while he's off making money. She's horny and wants sex, and her naughty desires soon take charge. Dressing up like a highclass slut, she takes off in her brand new Porsche to scour the local bars for one night stands. Then, when a freak desert storm takes out the back half of the hacienda, she's flirting with the macho workmen who arrive to rebuild the house. The carpenter, the plumber, even the foreman catch her fancy and she's ready for more hot fun in bed. But only when Reuben, the roughest and meanest of her lovers, demands Niki's complete submission does the slut realize her body craves kinky sex. He forces her to grovel before him and his friends, submit to bondage, whipping, anal sex and more all of which she loves! Despite her fears of being caught, Niki can't help but givein to her nasty desires and this ruthless man. But the torrid D/s affair between Niki and Reuben gets complicated when brotherinlaw, Gino, catches them in a bar, and later shows up at the hacienda wanting a piece of Niki for himself. Then, a mysterious man forces himself on her one night in the garage, and later assaults her town. This sadistic stranger appears out of nowhere demanding Niki's surrender, only to leave her breathless and sated as she's never been before. Who is this man Reuben, Gino, the flirtatious young gardener, Freddie? Or someone else? She has no idea. As Niki's wicked infidelity spirals out of control, is there any way she can stop the madness, halt her own rapacious lust, cure her addiction to sex before her entire life is shattered?


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    Seitenzahl: 97
    Erscheinungsdatum: 11.05.2007
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781934349717
    Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Naughty Niki

Chapter One

I first saw her at her father's estate walking along the beach. She was barefoot and wearing a string bikini in a shade of aqua that was the same color as the clear, rippling water splashing at her feet. The soft texture of her supple, youthful skin attracted my eye; then her round ass, her slim waist and her perfectly formed legs. My eyes moved from one beautiful feature to another in awe. Because of the angle of my observation, I hadn't even seen her face, but I knew I had to have her. The sound of her laughter and the glint of mischief in her eye I saw once she turned around confirmed the fact she would not be an easy woman to understand. I was right about that. Just as I was right about obtaining her with little effort. She was young enough to still be infatuated with men like me. ~ Bernardo

Lonely Lady

Bernardo brought his young wife Niki to his home high on the hill, where the grand hacienda overlooked the small desert town below and the mountains in the distance. A breathless view that shimmered like something unearthly in the midday heat. Inside the house, its dozen rooms were cooled by loping fans and desert breezes. Furnished like a palace with the elegance of Old World Spain, the lavish atmosphere had the young bride smiling; she nabbed a big fish in the ocean of wealthy and hot looking men. There were tiaras and furs and fine lingerie laid out for her. Spike heels that clicked on terra cotta floors...skimpy dresses, tiny short shorts to accentuate shapely legs and an enormous brass bed that would extend their long honeymoon for endless nights of pleasure. Certainly that is what the young Niki thought.

What a giggling young girl she'd been on their Caribbean honeymoon, opening her lush, firm thighs with a blush on her face, while batting her thick black lashes like a common tramp. He fucked her hard every night as she threw her head back and cried with delicious abandon for one so young and untried. She came home well used, expecting the long string of raucous nights to continue on forever. Was that not what marriage was about?

And yet, the endless pleasures of sex that her husband awakened in his bride sadly dwindled once they reached the hacienda. Bernardo was busy making money to support an addiction to his sexy wife. Most days, he spent trading stock, buying land and selling for profit, cashing in on abundant crops and trading favors with men just like him, from New York to Madrid to Rio to Mexico City to Los Angeles. When he was home, he spent most of the day in his office and was not to be disturbed, or he took his private jet to Phoenix, and wouldn't be home until at least midnight. Niki rarely saw him.

At first Bernardo's business was just a minor distraction for the young wife. Niki loved the house and all the playthings inside, the sauna, the pool, the fragrant flowers and the mountain of clothes and jewelry, fancy shoes and designer purses that seemed to arrive in a steady stream, lovingly paid for by her adoring groom. Days lounging on plush sofas, reading trashy magazines, while drinking exotic concoctions and eating food made to order by a doting house staff seemed to be the height of decadent luxury.

However, extravagance did, eventually, get tiring for the young Niki. She soon got bored with the loneliness of her solitary life. Her palace home began to feel like a mausoleum, her enormous closet like that of a dead starlet's. From the emptiness there was no retreat. Outside the stucco walls, the broad vistas of the desert landscape hurt her eyes. Some days, the mountains, the sand and the insane blue of a cloudless Arizona sky made her want to scream and run. If anything green popped up from the sandy earth, she coveted it like buried treasure.

She'd been raised on tropical beaches, among palms and flowers and salt-filled air, where in the afternoon when it was hot, she would run into the water nearly naked and chill-out in t

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