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Outcast (Children of Ossiria #1) von Lane, Vivian (eBook)

  • Verlag: Willowick Publishing
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Outcast (Children of Ossiria #1)

Romance with another Agent is forbidden. Suddenly, Mike's out on the street alone with only his savings and a duffel bag. A new father at nineteen of a little girl that must live with her grandparents for her own safety, he tries to juggle the life of being a freelance demon hunter with birthdays and Christmases where he's only a friend of the family. Until Hope figures out he's her father. Until her grandmother gets cancer. Until his first love returns home to meet their daughter for the first time. Mike's one weakness will always be the women he loves--until Dr. Corinne Larkin saves his life after a savage beating. Independent, tough, smart, and beautiful, she slowly heals his spirit while becoming his best friend. But when he receives an offer he's dreamed about for sixteen years, he has to take it. Corinne's E.R. residency has been pretty routine, until she finds a damaged man in an alley near the hospital. Mike is rough around the edges, but something about him calls to the healer in her. Through him, she makes friends in this new town, including his daughter Hope, and creates more ties than she ever intended--something way scarier than learning monsters and magic are real. Falling in love with Mike might be the greatest risk she's ever taken, especially when she has to let him go. Will Mike return to the possibility of a new healthier future full of love, or stay mired in a dysfunctional past? OUTCAST follows the journey of a paladin doing his best to keep the people he cares about alive in a world where monsters are real and there's a very good reason to be afraid of the dark. This story is intended for readers 18 and over due to adult language, sexual content, and adult situations.


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Outcast (Children of Ossiria #1)

Chapter One



The Agency recruited me two years ago, a kid with scarred knuckles and the stomach for a thousand fights. Born and raised on the more colorful streets of London, I graduated to the rank of Agent at eighteen and spent months of nights out fighting the good fight.

With the dawn, another shift killing vampires and other assorted creatures came to an end. A city this old had a lot of ghosts and not all of them were friendly. Some weeks were full of nothin' but banishments.

Above ground, our headquarters were located in a nondescript two-story brick building full of offices. The not-so-ordinary part came in the form of spells: one to discourage notice and another to bar entry unless you were wearing a coded ring. Even inside, HQ was nothin' special. The building was a hundred years old tops, looking like a set from an old detective movie with each office door holding frosted glass with someone's name printed on it.

It was the secret elevator with voice-recognition software that gave you a second's pause. I descended into Sanctuary below. A massive underground installation, the "basement" consisted of two levels, with the upper containing labs, more offices, and training facilities for recruits, a mini hospital, and living quarters for Agents. Most of the staff also being British, lamps were used instead of fluorescent bulbs. Desks and tables were wood. Carpets had been imported from Asia long ago. The Director had only recently banned tobacco indoors, so the common rooms still smelled like pipes. Though our organization used the latest in tech where it counted, anyone new instantly felt the history of our work.

The lower level was more restricted, and for good reason.

Approaching my room, I found the boss with a group of kids.

"Ah, Thirteen, good. You saved me the effort of finding you later. Since you're the resident Agent on staff, I want you to take an active part in the training of these new recruits," the Director said.

"Yes, sir." Great-just what I wanted to do-babysitting. The boss introduced me to the kids by their new designations.

"Thirteen? You jinxed or something?" the blonde called Nine said. Jean jacket, matching miniskirt, a golden tan, and mischief and attitude in her eyes. They'd brought in Malibu Barbie. She smacked her gum.

"It's only a number," I said, and stuck my key in the lock to my room.

"To some people. So, like, are we going to be like James Bond? Do we get to meet the Queen? Or ooo , Princess Diana?"

"No." I looked for the boss to corral the children away, but me and Miss California were the only people left in the hall. "Look, I've been up all night, so go away."


"Because monsters come out at night, why do you think? You're supposed to stick with the tour. Shoo."


I shut the door in her face and flipped the bolt.

Quiet .

Pieces of gear and body armor dropped to the floor on my path to the bed, and I flopped down face first and fell asleep.

Though I was only eighteen, I felt ancient next to these fresh-faced buggers The Agency let in. Aged fifteen-to-seventeen, they weren't really "kids" to me in the chronological sense, but they had no clue what they were up against.

This particular batch had never seen a vampire, demon, ghost, werewolf, or any other monster other than on a movie screen. Left me with a lot of misconceptions to clear up. Oh, The Agency put every recruit through a rigorous training program in and out of classrooms, but these kids seemed to save every question for me.

The job wasn't nearly as exciting as they thought it would be. I spent more nights watching than fighting, and when I did find prey, The Agency wanted it taken from a distan

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