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P.I. Chronicles Brothers United von Johnson, Corey Jay (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 07.05.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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P.I. Chronicles

P.I. Chronicles - Brothers United is a story about the life of a Marine stationed in the Philippines. He was excited and ready to serve his country. The young Marine felt outside of his element. Standing posts on foreign soil and doing jungle patrols was difficult, but he learned to adapt to his new environment. Partying hard out in Alongapo City became a regular routine. Along with the women and alcohol, Corey experienced things that he had never experienced before. Racism, prejudice, even hazing initiations. Enduring this, made him a stronger Marine. All of these things combined would later make him a better man. He took it all in. While experiencing this he learned that he was a born leader. Corey created an unbreakable bond with his Marine Brothers that is still solid to this day. But it all had to come to an end. Would he embrace the opportunity? Or fight for his new found career.


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P.I. Chronicles

Chapter - 2 The Mission After we left Sgt Hamilton, we all double timed through the woods towards the river bank. After a few clicks, we arrived at the location and sure enough, there are two small paddle boats right there waiting on us by the river bank. Brown said, "Bell, you sure this is a good idea? We have never done a mission like this before." Bell said, "Brown, it's our only option. Don't worry. We will be in and out in no time." After he said that, we split up into two teams and we put both of our boats in the water. Before we pulled out, Bell and I opened the two sea bags that were left next to the boats in the bushes marked with a yellow flag. The sea bags had night vision goggles, camouflage gear, camouflage paint, black skull caps, black gloves, small arms automatic weapons, ammunition, small explosives, flares, and four small voice activated communication radios. Each bag also had intelligence info and a map. The info for my team says that the safe house is being guarded by 5 guerillas. We are to leave the boat a half mile up the river and attack the house from the north side by taking out one guard who stands post outside of the house near the front fence. We are then to enter the house from the north and south side. We take out the other guards inside and we retrieve Miguel. The house is one level and has three rooms. We are to gather any intelligence information worthwhile from the house and bring it back with us. Then we are to burn down the house, leaving no evidence behind. We have one hour to complete the mission and meet up with Bell and the second team at the meeting location right outside of Cubi Point. Bell and I synchronize our watches. We have one hour to complete our missions and meet up at the pistol firing range near Cubi Point. Curtis and Hill began rowing our boat while Newton and I got into our gear. Newton and I were done within two minutes. We then switched places with Curtis and Hill. Newton and I took over rowing the boat, while Curtis and Hill got into their gear. We made it to the first extraction point and we did a radio check to make sure that we all had good communication with each other. I told Hill that he was going to be our point man. His job as the point man, was to recon the area ahead and find the best route to the target. We all looked over the map again and we went over the plan one last time. We all did a time check and then we exited the boat. We hid the boat in the bushes. Hill walked ahead first. Then Curtis followed. Newton and myself were bringing up the rear. Hill followed the river bank until he got close enough to the see the first guard. The guard was smoking a cigarette and sitting on a chair near the edge of the perimeter fence. The fence was about four feet tall. Hill signaled us to halt by holding up his fist over his shoulder. We all knelt down and waited for Hill to give us another signal. He pointed to his eyes, holds one finger in the air, then pointed to the house. That meant that he could see one guard. He then signaled for Curtis to come up and to cover him. Newton and I spread out a little more to make sure that no one else was around. Hill had to take the first guard out without making any noise. Within 10 seconds Curtis waved for Newton and myself to come up and meet him at his location. Hill had taken out his target. Once we got to Curtis's location; Newton and Curtis went around the house following the perimeter fence line. Hill and myself walked along the back entrance. But we had to wait for Newton and Curtis to quickly take out the 2 guards in the front. At this point, we used our radios for communication because we will not have any visual contact with Newton or Curtis. Once they take out the guards in the front, then Newton and I are gonna secure the buildings' interior. Newton will enter from the front. And I enter from the rear of the building. Hill and Curtis will secure the outside per

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