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Palomino Afrika Korps P-O-Ws Come to Town von Gunner, Tank (eBook)

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In 1943, 370,000 German prisoners of war arrived in America. Thousands were penned at Camp Maxey, Texas where MP Sergeant Twig Chestnutt was preparing to ship over for the invasion of Normandy. When President Roosevelt decreed that POWs work as laborers to replace American boys gone off to war, Twig is assigned as the guard for POWs Kraus, Edwin, and Wilhelm who live, work, and find love in Palomino. Appointed Constable by the Palomino town council, Twig becomes involved in the aftermath of bank robberies, murders, and town secrets.


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July 1943

Largest tank battle in history in Kursk

B-24 Liberators bomb Japanese again

"German soldiers? Here? In Palomino?"

"Yes, I'm afraid so."

"Are you sure, Maybelle? The enemy is going to live here?"

"Yes, Henrietta. That's what the special meeting is all about tonight at the schoolhouse."

"I had no idea, Maybelle. When Rayfield brought the flyer by, I thought the meeting was going to be about rationing. Goodness sakes. I had no idea. German soldiers, in Palomino."

"Mayor Shipp is going to make the announcement. Then Casey and the council members are going to Camp Maxey to meet with the Army. Casey and the council are going to represent the town, and Casey asked me to come along to represent Palomino as a member of the press. We're going to talk about the arrangement for the Germans."

"Here? In Palomino? The enemy is going to live here - in Palomino."

"Henrietta, you do know there's a war going on."

"Goodness sakes, Maybelle. You don't have to be so mean. Of course, I know that. Rayfield delivers your paper every week, I listen to Edward R. Murrow over there, and I see the newsreels and Movietone News with Lowell Thomas at the pitchursho . My nephew, Oscar Fant, you know, Marline's oldest boy, is flying bombers over there someplace . God knows where."

"These German soldiers are part of a new government program. You remember when those Liberty ships brought over five-thousand prisoners of war from North Africa to Boston? Well, about a month ago they were divided up and put on trains going to camps from Massachusetts to California."

"And there are some at Camp Maxey?"

"Yes, more than a thousand, maybe two thousand. And a lot are going into another two dozen camps in Texas towns, too."

"Goodness sakes. What are they going to do here?"

"Some are gonna work. They'll do some of the jobs left open when our boys go into service. The war effort needs cotton and people need food. They'll work on Bastion Albert's farm picking sweet corn, watermelons, and beets, and for Major Monroe, picking cotton. And when all the picking is done, they'll work with Bastion hauling vegetables to Paris. Or in Major Monroe's gin to process and bale the cotton."

"They might kidnap and kill somebody."


"The Germans. I've seen the newsreels at the pitchursho . I saw how mean they acted with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. She looked so gorgeous, poor thing. I know she loved him and wanted ..."

"They might do, Henrietta. But they sure as hell ain't going to escape. There's no place to hide. They know that. All we got around here is fields and wide open country. They'd be hunted down, slaughtered, and hung up on a bob-wire fence if they hurt anybody."

"Well, I guess you're right. I reckon one man wouldn't have a chance even if he looked cross-eyed at a woman here."

"Well, it'll be more than one, Henrietta. Casey said the figure was three available to come here. Maybe more, if we wanted them. Casey said the ones selected for local communities have gone through tough government screening. It's called a residency program where prisoners are released to live and work in Palomino."

"My, my. Goodness sakes, Maybelle. Of all things. The enemy is going to live among us. Where in the world are they gonna stay? We don't have a hotel."

"Well, that's gonna be told about tonight. It depends on the agreement with the Army at Camp Maxey. If you ask me, I'd say they gotta stay at Ruby'

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