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Roses in January von Coupe, Karen (eBook)

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Roses in January

Delve in to the moving true story of Sarah Lord. A child who doctors said wouldn't survive a few days. The worst scenario for anybody. Set in Lancashire, England, this story begins with life in a small village in the 1960s and how the usual dream for one little girl of a happy life came to an abrupt end. Told through the eyes of her mother, Karen, the one person who truly believed that Sarah should and would have the chance of a happy and fulfilled life. Against all odds, Sarah lived fully beyond all expectations. To say that Karen's life is inspiring is an understatement. To say she perseveres against authority would be underplaying the significance of what she has achieved. Her story is guaranteed to play on your emotions, make you angry and warm your heart.


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Roses in January

Chapter 2
The Divorce and the Birth

After a five year courtship and less than two years marriage, things were not going well. We'd gone through a tough time with the business, the incomplete house and working every hour God sends. At the age of 26, I'd not done anything or been anywhere. More to the point, my husband didn't want to.

On the surface, things probably looked fine to outsiders. We had a beautiful stone built detached bungalow with integral garage, my husband was self-employed, I worked full-time, we had two cars and no expensive bad habits like smoking, drinking, gambling or a penchant for expensive clothing. However, my continued love of animals meant we had two horses, a pony, two dogs and a cat. We spent more keeping the animals fed than we did ourselves. Money really was tight mainly due to my husband's business. In fact, there was a time when we literally had no money for food for ourselves and I remember taking empty lemonade bottles back to a shop to get enough money for a meal. It didn't bother me though. What bothered me was that I was always on my own. I walked into town on Saturdays to buy the weekly shopping and often walked back because my husband would forget to pick me up. We had no phones in those days. I'd get up, walk to the stables and let the horses out, continue to work, work all day, make my own way home stopping off at the stables to bring the horses in, go home, make tea for two but eat alone. Saturdays and Sundays were pretty much the same but I'd be at the stables all day instead of work. I was on my own for pretty much 18 months.

I don't remember exactly when it was but we'd been married for just a few months when 'hubby' came to pick me up from work. I got in the car and he sped off like a maniac. I had no idea what he was doing. He started shouting and asking what was I doing and who I was meeting. I thought he'd gone crazy. He even drove through red traffic lights chasing the car in front. He followed it to the town where we lived, stopped behind the car we'd been chasing and Hubby got out and walked over to the driver. It was David. I couldn't believe it, Hubby was shouting and swearing at him and all David did was tell him he was crazy. I got out of the car, apologised to David stating I had no clue what was going on. I proceeded to walk home which was about half a mile away. Shortly afterwards, Hubby came driving down the road kerb crawling, apologising, as he'd thought I had been seeing David. I hadn't seen David for about five years, I was so embarrassed and didn't know what to say or do. I refused to get back in the car and Hubby began to get angry again. Incensed by the injustice, I picked up a brick at the side of the road and went to throw it at him, but he sped off and I missed.

When I got home, he was sorry. I honestly didn't know what to do. I went to work the next day and of course David phoned me at work to ask if I was OK and what the hell was going on. He came to my work at lunchtime the next day to talk to me and of course who was also waiting outside, yes, Hubby. I went back into work and left them to it. When Robert came to pick me up after work he didn't drive us home. He took me over Darwen moors and stopped the car. He told me to get out and look in the boot of the car. I was sick to my stomach, my worst fears were that he'd killed David and I was going to see a dead trussed up body in the back of the car. I was thinking he'd done it in a rage and he wanted me to help him hide or bury the body. I refused to open the boot lid and was rapidly looking for an exit. I was pretty fit back then, I was five foot seven, a size 10, pretty strong arms with cleaning the stables and grooming the horses twice a day and a fast runner; I'd easily out run him. The moors were quite remote and I was in heels but I could kick them off and run like hell.

He made me get out of the car and I was looking around all the ti

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