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Shattered von Nissenson, Janet (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.05.2015
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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The Ghost Angela Del Carlo has been living half a life, ever since he walked out on her, shattering her entire existence and leaving her to cope with picking up the fragments. Nothing seems to matter much anymore, and her life is a drab existence of work, run, repeat. She's forgotten how to laugh, how to love, and even how to live. Most days she's little more than a ghost. The Devil Nick Manning's life has been one lived without compromise, without rules, and without regrets. Except for his one weakness, his one regret - Angela. What he did to her still tugs at his conscience, still fills him with remorse, and continues to haunt his dreams. But he stays away, knowing that he can never be the man she needs or give her what she deserves. The Angel But when fate intervenes and Angela's and Nick's paths cross again, she's determined not to surrender her soul to the devil ever again, while he's desperate to have his angel back in his arms - even if it means changing the rules to get it done.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 01.05.2015
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781483550565
    Verlag: BookBaby
    Serie: Inevitable Vol.3
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Chapter Two April As usual, she was the first one in the office, arriving well before the sun came up and most likely before the majority of her co-workers were even getting out of bed. She liked the quiet, preferred the solitude that she could enjoy before the intrusions of ringing telephones, loud voices, and client meetings demanded her attention. And despite her largely anti-social behavior towards her co-workers, Angela presented a much different persona to her clients. She was certainly businesslike and professional, but also engaging and personable, and her clients were extremely loyal to her. And of course that loyalty was further ensured by her unquestionable success in picking the types of investments that had performed exceptionally well over the past couple of years. She'd received a number of very lucrative referrals from those clients who'd been very pleased at the increase in their portfolio value. Angela booted up her computer and sipped her coffee while she looked over her schedule for the day. She was meticulous about her daily to-do list, insisting on maintaining strict control over it as she had done for most facets of her life. It was somewhat ironic, considering the fact that no one had ever imposed any rules or controls over her as a child or teen, and that she'd been more or less free to do whatever she wanted for as long as she could remember. Unfortunately, her unsupervised childhood hadn't been because her parents had been the sort of free spirits who believed in letting their children be themselves and make their own choices. In Angela's case, it had simply been because no one had really given a damn about her. So she'd made her own rules, controlled her own life, made her own decisions. Except for one all-too-brief period in her life - a time that had encompassed eleven months and five days. A period where she'd alternated between heaven and hell on a daily basis, but had still felt happier and more alive than at any other time in her life. As she'd become so adept at doing these past few years, Angela firmly blocked out the memories that hovered so tantalizingly in the back of her mind. Instead, she focused her energies on the portfolio proposal she was finalizing for a prospective client - another referral from one of her largest accounts. Her ability to pick out suitable and well-performing securities gauged to the individual needs of each client was a large part of her success. Even in an office with over a hundred brokers, she was regularly ranked in the top fifteen percent for production credits. Of course, most of the other brokers in the office would credit Angela's success solely to the good fortune that had come her way via an otherwise tragic event. She had been a very junior partner to Barbara Lowenstein, one of the top producers in the office and certainly the most successful female among them. And when Barbara had suffered a sudden, fatal heart attack, fifty percent of her very lucrative book of clients had automatically been passed on to Angela. And while Angela never failed to be grateful for the opportunity she'd been given, the success she enjoyed today was almost entirely of her own doing. She'd taken the accounts she had inherited from Barbara and tripled that number, not to mention adding substantially to each client's portfolio value. But she continued to be subjected to professional jealousy from both male and female brokers in the office, and had learned some time ago to block out the catty, spiteful comments - much as she'd mastered the art of ignoring everything else in her life that caused her hurt or pain. She was admittedly anti-social and a loner, but much of that was simply because she didn't have the patience to deal with people who either di

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