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Shifting Souls Damien's Spitfire von Wright, C. C. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 22.02.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Shifting Souls

Therians are a species unknown to the human world. They are humans with a unique ability to shift into animals. Therians live most of their lives in secret never revealing themselves to the humans, that is until they meet the one person that will make them whole. A soulmate is a precious gift to a Therian and they spend their whole lives waiting for the day when they will meet theirs, then spend the rest of their lives trying to hold on to them. This story is the first of the Shifting Souls series where our Alpha Therian, Damien, finally meets his soulmate, Skyler. You will follow their journey as they discover friendship, love, and an inner strength they will both need, when Skyler is taken by another Therian. Can Damien rescue her before she is claimed by another, or will he lose his most precious gift?


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Shifting Souls

"Okay don't move....hold it...(Click). That was perfect, we're all done." Skyler said as she lowered her camera and let it hang from her neck. Now all she had to do was go back to the hotel, download the pictures and set up individual files for each rider. Why couldn't all sporting events require the participants to wear names on their shirts? Then she wouldn't have to take extra precautions to keep the photos straight. Two large arms wrapped around her waist from behind and she immediately tensed up on alert. "Hey Beautiful!" A strong masculine voice said. Skyler let out the breath she was holding having recognized the nick name coming from the man holding her. "Hello handsome, it's good to see you." She replied as she turned around in Seth's arms and gave him a hug. Seth was a friend that she had met years ago when she first started as a photographer. He was an event coordinator working different shows, concerts, and sporting events all over the state and in other states as well. He was a tall muscular man around 6'2"with short brown hair and brown eyes. His body frame was much like a pro football player, big and powerful. She often wondered why he planned sporting events rather than playing in them, but it probably had something to do with how smart and organized he was. He was nice and flirtatious with her but he had a very commanding presence, one of those born leader types that everyone respected without question. "It's good to see you too, it's been awhile. Are you all done for the day?" Seth asked. "Yeah I think I got all the pictures I'll need to get started." She answered. "I'm still here for a few more hours, but do you want to grab dinner after? I'll take you to the famous hotspots around town." Seth said. "That would be great! It must be nice for you to get to do an event in your home town for once. Do you know any hotspots I can check out while I'm waiting for you?" She asked. "Actually there is a beautiful waterfall, and rock canyon about an hour and a half outside of town, I know it's a drive but it's worth checking out." He said as he pulled her in close and whispered in her ear. "Rumor has that there are wolves up there, and I know how much you like that sort of thing." He said suggestively. Skyler and Seth tried the whole dating thing once before and though they had a good time together they both knew it was never going to be more than an extremely close friendship. But that didn't stop them from flirting outlandishly with each other and they both knew if the other one desired a companion for the evening they wouldn't turn the other one away. "It's possible that you know too much about what I like." She said flirtatiously. "Yes I do." He said as he gave her one last hug than released her from his embrace. "I'll write down the directions for you. Did you rent a car with four wheel drive?" He asked. "No, but I don't mind doing a little hiking." She said as she zipped up her camera bag and gathered up all her equipment. Skyler actually enjoyed hiking. Whenever she traveled she would look up good running tracks and hiking trails located near where she would be staying. That way she could get a little exercise in and have a chance to see some beautiful places while she worked. "Here are the directions and you already have my number. Call me when you're ready to have dinner." Seth said as he handed her the piece of paper. Skyler put it in her pocket and reached up and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. "I'll see you later." Seth walked off with a wave and Skyler headed towards the parking lot. On the way she debated what she wanted to do. If she went back to the hotel she would probably turn on her laptop to download the pictures, but she would be asleep before the old thing even booted up. Not that a nap didn't sound like a great idea, but going to dinner tonig

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