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Sweetness & Blight von Edwards, Lance (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 07.11.2014
  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Sweetness & Blight

Sweetness and Blight details the Machiavellian delights by which this Manhattan Juliet, Amelia Barnes, wins over her Romeo. As heirs of contending Wall Street clans, Charles Everett and Amelia meet at the funeral of his ruined father. Lovely, lively, and unfailingly kind, she apologizes, though disavows her part in the destruction of his family firm and fortune. In the interest of healing, Amelia offers support both emotional and practical. Charmed by her comforts (and without other options), Charles marries and moves in with this youthful femme. Though she remains genuinely affectionate at all times, and is never even impolite, Amelia swiftly divests the former power broker of all other companions, interests, and any indulgences or pleasures - except for those coinciding with satisfying her own rabid demands. Her demands are as irresistible as they are insatiable. And soon the lady of the manse extorts absolute authority over his sex life, including and especially his orgasms. Charles finds himself suffering acutely and yet willingly consenting to increasingly demeaning domination. From bondage and servitude, through ejaculation restriction and feminization, he finds his favors shared with first the household help and then with his mistresswife's Slutfucker's Club - all while his own permitted fulfillments continuously diminish. Any rebellion leads to worsened coercion. Inevitably, he's being driven toward some unthinkably deprived, depraved and degraded destiny.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 07.11.2014
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781938897986
    Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Sweetness & Blight

Chapter One

Lovely Amelia is the sweetest, kindest, most gentle-spoken and unfailingly polite woman I have ever met. Nearly thirteen years my junior my beautiful new wife is a prize beyond compare. I dote on her almost to a fault. Yet as accommodating as I am she is becoming increasingly controlling of me in a manner I find disconcerting. In her quietly insistent way she has caused me to forgo many of my cherished pleasures. Now she is at it again.

Wearing only a floor-length robe of translucent black silk that matches her hair and contrasts wonderfully with her unblemished porcelain skin she wrinkles her cute little nose as she undresses me. The bedroom we've occupied less than a month as man and wife is as opulent and expansive as the rest of this mansion on the Long Island coast and I'm frantically eager to once again fall into the enormous bed with this nubile beauty. My cock is tenting the front of my slacks as she slowly unbuttons my shirt. We've only been apart three hours. Yet as enjoyable as my weekly poker game always is it seems an eternity since I've gazed on that lovely young face, exquisitely slender body and shimmering banner of midnight hair. Upon reaching my navel, however, Amelia pauses. Raising her large, cerulean-blue eyes she looks straight into mine with the tiniest frown carving a line between her elegantly arched brows.

"You said you'd quit smoking, darling."

"I have, Amelia, I swear it."

"Well your clothes still stink of cigars."

"I've just come from a poker game, dear. Everyone there but me smokes like a chimney."

"Obviously! How much did you drink, and how much did you lose?"

"I almost doubled the two hundred dollars you gave me. And I only had the three drinks you asked me to limit myself to: three scotch-and-waters."

"Good boy!"

Amelia smiles approvingly at me, her naturally ruddy little lips curving up to form the unbelievably fetching dimples in her cheeks that first attracted me to her. She continues unbuttoning me. The shirt falls open at last and her hands slide like silk over my belly and sides. Then still speaking with irresistible sweetness she drops her bombshell.

"Nevertheless, I want you to stop going to these poker games.

"The drinking isn't good for your heart, or your belly." She grips my little love handles significantly. "And the smell of smoke nauseates me. How can I get in the mood for you if I feel like puking every time we get close like this?"

Helplessly I scrabble for some kind of compromise.

Doesn't every guy deserve at least one night out with his friends? Already she's put a stop to any bar-hopping, and refused to finance keeping my impossible-to-get season tickets to the Rangers. The poker games are the last of my pre-marital masculine social occasions. It's not that I need time away from her - I could gaze enraptured at that perfect face and body for eternity. It's just that men got to be men once in a while.

"Couldn't I just take a shower when I get home, and drop my clothes straight down the laundry chute?"

Again that tiny frown delves between Amelia's brows. Her hands withdraw from me and significantly tighten the sash on her robe. Even after less than a month I know what that means: no sex until I comply with her wishes. Though she's wildly enthusiastic and even insatiable in bed Amelia seems able to defer her appetites effortlessly whenever she doesn't get what she wants. In contrast I'm madly addicted to her incomparably desirable body, her aggressively sexy way and exhaustive invention. Seeing this unspoken ultimatum I quickly if reluctantly cave.

"All right, darling: no more poker games. The guys are already calling me the most pussy-whipped fool in existence. I guess I'll just have to confirm that for them."

Amelia's frown smoothes out, replaced by those intolerably cute dimples. Her eyes twinkle with satisfied triumph and her smi

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