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Tales Of Love & Cruelty von Edwards, Lance (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 11.06.2008
  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Tales Of Love & Cruelty

A new collection of Slutboy Stories from Lance Edwards. Femdom fiction featuring dominating wives, cunning vamps and sexy bitches weaving an erotic spell around male victims who are helpless to prevent their enslavement. In this newest collection of stories, Author Lance Edwards takes the readers from the sensuous power games between husband and wives to shocking tales of sadism and forced submission. Slutboy has A Killer Crush on his nephew's bigbreasted Latino wife. But what starts out as an innocent affair soon turns him into a blackmailed, bootsucking slut, and there's no way out! InChat Doom, an eager submissive male is warned not to meet this ruthless Domme. But he insists, only to discover that his life will be shattered, turned into an unspeakable horror of total submission. Then in Crucio, Slutboy has been featured at his wife Elektra's infamous parties as a human piata, a roasted pig, and now on this Halloween night, as a popular literary character who will spend his night wired, electrified, then whipped by a roomful of sadistic females. And in Triple Play, a submissive couple contacts Mistress Chantelle to help them determine who will be the Master or Mistress in their marriage. Slutboy has no idea what awaits him as his once sweet wife Luani quickly blossoms into a terrifying Domme. On the lighter side... It's Valentines Night and this new husband gets it in the ass for the first time. Then this Slutboy's Reward for good behavior is a long awaited night of sex, flogging and bondage. And in Penis Play, Slutboy gets hung from the ceiling by his livein girlfriend, and is made to suffer clamps, CBT, hot wax, ice and electric shock, all before his ass is raped. These stories and many more, from the tame to the extreme. But that is just a start. Once again, Lance Edwards pulls out all the stops as he takes the reader through his Tales of Love & Cruelty. One thrilling ride for lovers of Femdom erotica.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 11.06.2008
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781936173105
    Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Tales Of Love & Cruelty

After-dinner Extravaganza

My wife controls absolutely everything in our marriage - especially our sex life. She sternly decides when, where, how, and how often we fuck down to the last detail.

It's not that she's any kind of dominatrix or anything. She doesn't tie me up, torture me or beat me - aside from some incidental slapping and spanking. It's just that she insists upon absolute obedience, all of the time. As long as I let her make every single decision, and completely submit to her marital rule, she's unfailingly easy to get along with. Any attempt to assert myself however, and she immediately turns into such a nasty, frigid, verbally abusive bitch that it's unbelievable. Since she's very rich, lovely beyond description and the perfect partner as long as she gets her way, I'm happy to let her have it. I don't mind doing all the housework and constantly catering to her every whim. And really, I find the spontaneity, unpredictability, and insatiability of her passionate desires wildly exciting in any case. Even the sense of powerlessness I experience in being made to so lavishly, slavishly service and submit to her upon demand is cravenly compelling for me. I've come to enjoy our admittedly strange love-making as much or more than she does. Just yesterday evening she surprised me in the kitchen as I was doing the after-dinner dishes. For the rest of the night she enjoyed me so extravagantly that my body is still aching and my head still spinning.

"Take off that apron, you ridiculously silly sissy!" she suddenly commanded. "In fact, strip to your skin! I'm going to use you now!"

Startled I spun around. I hadn't heard her come in, and for good reason. Alice was completely naked, her bare feet soundless on marble floor. She'd even managed to climb onto the huge, sturdy oak table without alerting me.

Perched on the edge, with her long tanned legs splayed so high and wide that her heels found purchase too, she was leaning back with her arms propped behind her on the polished, gleaming surface. Her exposed crotch was shaved and trimmed to a narrow arrow of hair, and her pussy opened invitingly up like a delectable little flower. Her breasts, modest C-cups that are nevertheless perfectly round and upswept, rode high on her chest, the little red nipples enticingly erect. That always shimmering banner of dark blonde hair swept straight back from her clear high forehead to hang down her back and brush the table. Always haughty and proud, her beautiful features had that imperious cast I've come to know so well, the pale blue eyes flashing with demanding need.

Right away I dried my hands and began fumbling with the apron strings, and right away she corrected me.

"Not like that - do a strip-tease. Put on a sexy show for me! When you're done I want you standing at attention right in front of me."

This was a novel requirement. Nevertheless I was up to it. Swaying and gyrating, I slowly, gracefully stripped, slinking my way forward as I did until I stood up properly straight and attentive with my always obedient erection inches from her opening.

"Good boy." She gave a sharp nod of approval. "Now use your left hand to play with your left nipple while you masturbate with the right."

Dutifully I did as I was told: rubbing, pinching and pulling on my tit while I slowly pumped myself with the other.

I was taking no chances - naturally I'm never allowed to come without permission. But Alice wasn't going to make it that easy for me.

"Faster, boy! I told you I want a floor show. Feast your eyes on my tits and pussy and jack your cock like crazy. I want you panting with lust and struggling to control your disgusting male needs within a minute!"

So I did, and so I was. In truth, I usually find it difficult to climax standing up. Still, feasting my eyes as ordered and beating off like mad - and twisting my tit until it screamed - soon had me sw

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