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The Adventures of Sylvie Sedan von Gregory, Ginger (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 21.09.2016
  • Verlag: Yorkshire Publishing
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The Adventures of Sylvie Sedan

Carmony - the essential bond between car and human - is in danger of being lost forever. Ginger and Sylvie are the keys to preserving carmony, but they must earn the right to run roads first. Fasten your seatbelt and let Sylvie Sedan take you on a ride of gasolears and laughs you'll never forget


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    Seitenzahl: 200
    Erscheinungsdatum: 21.09.2016
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781942451235
    Verlag: Yorkshire Publishing
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The Adventures of Sylvie Sedan

She's Adopted! P eople were packed into the oval-shaped arena like crayons in a grand tin can. The cars were dominos, aligned and ready to topple into victory. Mama, Daddy, Aunt Diann, and my entire family cheered from the stands. Everyone grew silent as the announcer began to call names. "In lane 6, Danica Patrick." The crowd exploded like dynamite. "In lane 7, Ginger Gregory." The explosion was even louder this time. I can't believe I made it to the NASCAR championship. Danica Patrick flipped her hair like the triumphant racer/model that she is. I swallowed my saliva like medicine. "On your mark!" OMG. "Get set." But I might throw up. "Go!" I can do this! "There goes numbers five and six. But wait-number seven is gaining speed. She's approaching six. Faster, faster! Number seven has taken the lead! And with an '02 Joyota Corolli?" The crowd cheered continuously. "Ginger! Wake up!" said Mama, hovering over me. I wiped the eye boogers from my face and rolled over to meet her gaze. "Wh-where are the cheering crowds? Did I win the championship?" Mario, my miniature poochon (poodle/bichon frisé), could sense my disappointment. He bounced onto my bed to lick me. Mama smiled. "Ginger, Mario has been cheering for you-he wants unlimited rides to the park! Now are you ready to get your first car?" "Yes!" I said, suddenly forgetting about the race. As a girl, I usually take a while to get ready for anything, but I was out the door in 20 minutes. "Bye, Mario! I know you don't want us to leave, but your future with the park is at stake." (Sylvie) "Money, money, I love money / green hearts glow within my own / Lincoln, Jefferson, Benjamin / Brothers all my own!" Really? Come on, Mr. Gassan. Based on the songs I've sung, I can definitely create better lyrics than that. Mr. Gassan danced from room to room with his vacuum cleaner for a partner. He swung her from side to side, making wide turns across the carpet. After the length of about three lights, he suddenly stopped. "Ay! I forgot to dust the living room." He's really serious about cleaning. I'm kind of surprised since I sported a thick interior coat of dust up to yesterday. He finally stopped cleaning and peeked his head out of the small kitchen window. "My price isn't cheap, but that girl is getting no ordinary car today. Eighty-four thousand miles? Joyota Corolli? Ha, if I weren't saving up for a Ferrari I'd probably keep that baby." Hey, I'm not a baby! I've run many tough roads already. And I had a name. I-I just can't remember because of-that night. "But oh well, the time has come to flip this car like a coin!" Now he's calling me a coin? Ginger! I need you to come rescue me. "Now the house is ready. Surely they would love to come in for tea." (Ginger) With Mama and me in the rental car, we were off. We followed Daddy in his truck, Young Silver. I was holding a huge bank check. My hands vibrated with excitement as Mama drove down the road. The flowers swayed to the song of spring. The sun reclined high in the sky, almost as if it were a spectator ready to witness my glory. We quickly arrived at Shadybrook Apartments where Mr. Gassan lived. "Hello Ginger, Melody, and-" "Gavin." "Nice to meet you, sir. Would you all like to come inside for tea?" That's sweet, but I just want my car! "I actually have to go straight to work after this, but thank you," said Daddy. Wow, he really looks disappointed. "Maybe Mama and I can come in for a few minutes," I suggested. Mr. Gassan rubbed the bald spot on his head and smiled. He was w

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