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The Applicant ll von Dusseau, Lizbeth (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 30.05.2000
  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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The Applicant ll

After Liza and her protege, Hilary, fail miserably to find a suitable new applicant to satisfy their master, Oliver, he sells Hilary to the ruthless dominant Nils Grayling. Denied the affection she's accustomed to, she undergoes the rigorous discipline of a sex slave. Meanwhile, ignoring his wife, Oliver personally trains his new applicant, Shelby, who he procured on his own. Left to herself, the jealous Liza's schemes abound as she seduces the estate's caretaker, Jack, only to discover his dominant inclinations rival her husband's.


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    Seitenzahl: 89
    Erscheinungsdatum: 30.05.2000
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781934349571
    Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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The Applicant ll

Chapter Three

There were stars painted in the ceiling of the nightclub and a hanging ball of tiny mirrors that twirled slowly at the center of the pulsating dance floor. A band played in one corner, music that swelled into the air leaving no room to talk, and hardly space to think.

Oliver sat at his table on the edge of the balcony looking down on the mass of hot and throbbing bodies pressed together, cunts to groins, hips and asses, pussies and cocks playing for each other as though the entire club would suddenly divest itself of its fancy clothing and descend into a lecherous orgy. There were sequins, spangles, leather, lace and tightly fitting spandex, covering as little as possible to suggest the erotic possibilities available for the night. In the center of the delicious madness were his submissive lovers-Liza backed into Hilary's crotch, Hilary's arms around her mistress's corseted torso-while Liza's breasts were about to burst from their confinement. Hilary's burgundy lips met the back of Liza's neck. Drawing her red hair away, the horny brunette kissed the skin, while her eyes glanced upwards to meet her master's. In a passionate dance, the two women writhed, two groins dancing in sensuous unison. Other bodies pressed against theirs, answering the overt come-on in their seductive eyes. Liza turned in Hilary arms, dancing two inches from her lover's hungry groin. As she gyrated to the sound of the music, a man behind her pressed his crotch to her ass.

"Kiss her for me," he whispered in Liza's ear. His hands were running down her hips, their warmth joining what was already moving strongly from within.

Liza leaned toward her dark-haired friend, her lips seeking the wet burgundy ones before her. They touched lightly, again and again. Tongues peeked from between those lips, gently licking the smooth surfaces. The man at Liza's ass pushed himself more firmly into the round rump of female flesh. His cock was hard enough to feel the throbbing energy as his erection grew firm. She relished the forceful feel of it, while this bold suitor lifted her skirt as though he intended to show off everything that still remained unseen. He was cautious, understanding this was a public place, though the woman in his arms gave him no signal to stop. She replied to the gesture moving even more seductively against his pulsing prick.

Hilary, backing away from the kiss caught her mistress's glance with her sex-charged eyes. Her face took on that absent orgasmic look, focusing on Liza's corset liked she intended to rip it away and dive into the smooth melons and their delectable nipples. She wasn't thinking of her master any more, but of the arousal that grew boundlessly between them.

"My, aren't you two randy sluts." There was a man at Hilary's ear, whispering and kissing her down the side of her neck, all in time to the beat of the drummer's pounding rhythm. Her head spun, dizzied by the frenzy of bodies and hands bold enough to feel her up. Liza's eyes were molten, urging her to let go any inhibitions that might remain. The two stood out little more than the rest of the crowd as the sexual roar ripping through the club touched every prick and pussy. There seemed to be no distinction between male and female-just sexual beings in a world of pleasure. Theirs was a dance of seduction where seduction was all that mattered. Where cocks were stiff and cunts were wet, and afterwards in the back seat of cars, and dark alleys, and steamy beds hard pounding fucks would answer these raw edges of desire-though perhaps not all the reckless passion that the night spawned.

The man at Hilary's side pawed his way into the side of her leather halter. Still dancing, she felt the fingers of his other hand reach under her skirt, making her jump. She giggled with the ticklish, fondling feel of him, though she eased into the sensations knowing her cunt was hot and ready to be probed.

"Shall we take it o

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