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The Club Owner's Troubles von Edwards, Lance (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 13.06.2014
  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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The Club Owner's Troubles

Dara Dupree was a Caribbean street girl and prostitute who rose to wealth and power running the most popular fetish club in the islands. To treat herself upon reaching such success, she buys an adolescent male to conceal in an underground apartment below her estate. She settles in to live out all her dreams of slavery and domination, and to slowly expose Drew, a virgin raised in ignorance of anything but his training, to all the amazing challenges and rewards his life will demand. So it goes with emotional up and downs, until competition with a rival nightclub owner escalates into a conflict that sees her club burned to the ground and Dara kidnapped by gangsters. While she faces death and all the torture and sexual abuse she'd been inflicting on Drew, he is left alone bound and secreted underground to face a lingering, even more grisly end. In their separate desperate straits they resolve the personal issues that had been afflicting them, and escape to find eventual triumph and love together.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 13.06.2014
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781938897641
    Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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The Club Owner's Troubles

Chapter Two


I am a slut-boy.

I am a male who is shamelessly addicted to having his ass fucked at every opportunity. I can't live without it and I feel distressingly incomplete every instant I'm not feeling a big hard cock stabbing violently into my behind.

As gorgeous Mistress Dara leaves I do as she has ordered me to. I reflect and even joyously obsess on this new and incredibly apt identity as I at last lie down on the floor to eat. Taking care not to get my hair in my mouth or the bowl (something I am well practiced at as I've never been allowed to use utensils or even my hands while feeding) I quickly wolf down the delicious meal I've been provided.

The food here is yet another indication of the simply astonishing improvement in my circumstances. Though I've been trained to cook all manner of sumptuous repasts I've never eaten a hot meal in my life and have subsisted on mostly coarse, bland fare until now. The meat, the vegetables and gravy are all by far the most delicious I've ever tasted. I empty the bowl and lick it spotless, thrilled and gratified all over again. Then I struggle back onto my feet and ease around the small sink until I can get a hand to the faucet. Clear cold water gushes out, as much as I could possibly want: another inconceivably generous blessing. Rather than greedily and sloppily stick my face in this though I take the time and awkward effort to fill my bowl, set it on the floor and turn the faucet off before I lie back down to drink my fill. After I use the commode I fill the dish again before curling up near it to rest.

It's a good thing I do. Shortly afterward the lights in my heavenly new home go out and I'm plunged into impenetrable pitch darkness. I can't see an inch in front of my face, and all is complete and utter silence. Even the creaks and groans of the structure, the rushing of water through pipes and distant movements of other people I'm used to are totally absent. I now understand what Mistress meant by 'soundproofed'. A little unsettled by this sensory void, and still far too excited by all the other changes in my life to sleep I pass the time continuing to do as my new goddess ordained. I reflect on the new truths revealed about me, recall all the glories of the day past and even quietly giggle and gloat over my paradisiacal new life here.

My physical world alone has expanded wildly. Before there were only a few small rooms: the one where I was disciplined and lived in my tiny cage, the kitchen where I was trained to cook and clean and the slightly larger one where I learned sewing and other crafts. Always blindfolded when passing between these, I never saw anywhere else. Now I have a cage three times the size of the old one! I live in a vast open space of high ceilings, gleaming black tile, huge mirrors, and over a dozen pieces of equipment I'm sure to spend tons of time getting to know intimately. The kitchen here is larger and much nicer. There are actual facilities for bathing that I've heard about but never seen: a bathtub and shower. Watching Mistress Dara scrub and rinse her heavenly body inside a glass compartment under endlessly falling water was a stupendous revelation in more than just the incredibly sexually arousing sense.

Might I actually be permitted to wash this way as well, rather than just being impersonally scrubbed and hosed off by servants? The possibility is almost too enticing to dare consider. And then there is the bed! Such unimaginable comfort cannot be fitting for a slave like me. And yet I just spent most of a day wallowing in it!

That thought leads me inexorably to flabbergasted memories of all that occurred in that bed, as well as the day's other astounding revelations. It's a very good thing Mistress has shackled my hands away from my penis. No amount of self-discipline ever would be able to keep me from toying with my throbbing penis-head and trying to replicate that immense

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