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The Commodities Market von Richards, Patrick (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 14.03.2014
  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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The Commodities Market

Adam Jensen had it all - money, a beautiful wife and the uncanny ability to launder money for a very wealthy and extremely evil man. But when he dealt with Rafael Rodriguez, he was dealing with Satin himself. And as they say, "If you dance with the devil you're going to get burned." He gets far more than that. Adam mysteriously disappears while on a Caribbean cruise and finds himself deep in the jungles of Central America. He is brutally tortured and physically conditioned by a sadistic Mistress and her two ruthless helpers. But that is just a prelude to what comes next. After months of hard labor and pain he is sold at an auction in Rio de Janeiro to Frau Strobel, where he is to be kept in her dungeon to suffer in constant agony and absolute misery every day for the rest of his life. Eva Strobel and her two heartless female assistants use diabolical tortures, fiendish games and even crueler punishments as well as daily agonizing bondage to satisfy their sadistic cravings and serve revenge to their cartel friend. During this horrendous life sentence he meets Tomás, another young man who crossed Rafael Rodriguez. The tortures that they each endure are far beyond anyone's comprehension. Strictly by accident the lives of these two men change drastically one day but who knows what will happen tomorrow.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 14.03.2014
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The Commodities Market

Chapter One

"Mr. Jensen, there's a call for you on line two... a Mr. Rodriguez."

"Thank you, Elizabeth."

"Rafael, my dear friend... how are you this fine day?"

"I am wonderful Adam and you?"

"I've never been better. So what can I do for you today? Are you looking for a little tip that will make you a bit more money? Maybe a little insider trading or something?" I asked.

"No, no... not today, my friend. I am in town and thought we might get together for lunch. I've got something for you and your lovely wife."

"No problem. Where would you want to meet?"

"Rosa Mexicanos on First and Fifty-eighth.... How's 1:30?"

"Fantastic Raf... I'm looking forward to seeing you again. Take care."

Rafael is one of my best clients. He's one of the most powerful drug lords in all of Central America. Being a specialty broker on Wall Street, I have had many dealings with Mr. Rodriguez. He has an extremely large amount of cash to... well, I guess the only word that actually covers what I do for him is launder. But in doing so, I make him a lot of money and hide it really well.

In the early afternoon I walked into the restaurant and found my friend from south of the border along with his entire entourage. Before I was even seated, he called to the waiter.

"Camarero, please bring my good friend a Scotch and water. Glen Morey will be fine," he said as he turned back to me. "Is that okay with you, Mr. Jensen?"

"Of course, Rafael, but why the formality?"

"Just respect, Adam, just respect. After all you help me and make me lots and lots of money."

Our conversation continued as a vast quantity of food was placed on the table for us to sample and share. Everything is always done in a big way with this man. I don't think it is for show either. He is so wealthy that he just likes to overdo life.

We sat and ate until there was no more room while the conversation and drinks continued for another hour. Finally, he reached into his jacket pocket and slid a white, business-sized envelope across the table towards me.

"Here is a pair of tickets for a two week cruise for you and your gorgeous wife. It's Janine, isn't it?"

I nodded my head as he continued, "They are to the western Caribbean and Mexico. Of course, your accommodations are Royal Suites, the same as I would stay in, but I have my own cruise ship so I don't have to deal with the peasants."

I wasn't sure if he was referring to me as a peasant, but I know he has a yacht that cost him over thirty million dollars, so why would he even consider anything like Princess Cruises. After all he does need his privacy.

"That is very generous of you, Señor Rodriguez. I'm sure Janine will be very happy. Thank you, sir."

"Think nothing of it. It's just a little something as a token of what you do for me. Of course, when you reach Mexico you'll spend a couple days at my hacienda as my special guest. I have a grand surprise for you there.

"As you can see, I purchased the vacation for a month from now. That will give you plenty of time to make preparations and for me to get things ready. I hope that is fine with you."

"It's no problem, sir. A month from now is perfect. I'll make the necessary plans."

I cleared nearly three weeks from my calendar and business continued as usual. Time seemed to fly by as our vacation got closer. Finally, on Thursday, the 25 th, we flew from New York to Miami and then on to Fort Lauderdale.

Janine was really looking forward to snorkeling in Cozumel. It is one of her favorite spots.

In the morning we boarded the Amethyst Princess and settled into our suite ready for departure. As the giant craft left port, we stood out on our balcony and waved to the folks on shore.

"Come on, babe... let's get started. I have something special for you," Janine whispered in my ear.

I lingered on our p

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