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The Hidden City of Mystery von Bixler, Bobby (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.1900
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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The Hidden City of Mystery

As the book begins, the reader meets three friends: James, Susan, and Jason. The trio has known each other since birth and grew up participating in the same activities and in the same school classes. They are so inseparable, classmates call them the three musketeers. At the time this story takes place, they are now in their late twenties. A provocative mystery near their town challenges there lifelong friendship and changes their lives forever. This is a story of mystery, loss, love, and a governmental cover up. The three of them set things into motion that will affect them and their surrounding community for years to come as they explore a forbidden area. The events of this mystery will challenge their friendship. We will see how different people deal with the grief and guilt that is spawned from the loss caused by this ordeal. A community is torn apart as atrocities claim the lives of families and friends. This community bands together to find answers that takes them beyond their borders. Unlikely leaders emerge from the chaos to unite the people. The mysterious isolated area that has caused these calamities is not all it is thought to be. Within the walls of this fortress comes allies and friendships that bond both communities together to stop what is happening. The key to this mystery lies in a group of young people from both areas that risk their lives to bring everything into the open.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.1900
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    ISBN: 9781682227787
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The Hidden City of Mystery

The Hidden City A very excited Jason Peterson walked toward James Byner at a very fast pace. "Come on James, we have to find Susan right now." Jason, James, and Susan Wilks, were childhood friends. The three of them were the same age and in the same classes at school, and they were inseparable. One time, when they were children, while they were playing in the mud, Billy, the class bully, screamed, "There goes the Three Little Pigs!" In retaliation, Jason punched Billy in the nose, which put an end to that nickname. From that day forth, they were known as the Three Musketeers. They had dreamed of becoming astronauts-exploring the far reaches of the galaxy together. But all of that had changed after the war. An EMP (electromagnetic pulse) left their society crippled and their government with an isolationist philosophy. As a result, their dreams began to fade into the background. Now, in their late twenties, they had remained the best of friends and still dreamed of a better future. Food had been scarce for many years; living from day to day in deprivation had been a challenge. However, being a farming community, the town had been able to overcome these hardships and supplied all the food for their community. When the EMP had been released over the states, it had fried all computers, wiping out automobiles, airplanes, computer-based systems, the Internet (which was never fully operational after the war), as well as many other things. Unemployment was widespread. Food and gasoline became very difficult to find. Lots of people died from starvation. For some time, there was chaos in the streets of the larger cities, but Crestview didn't change much. The people took care of each other. With everything that happened, this put the states back into a time prior to automobiles and phones, especially cell phones, for a long period of time. Some of the things had been restored but on a limited basis and mainly in the larger city areas. The entire world moved back to a simpler time and isolationism became normal across the world. Massive amounts of wealth had been lost. The people with the land were the ones who made out the best. The small town of Crestview was around two thousand people. Most of the income came from agriculture. They were a close-knit community and everyone knew each other. The town had a barber and beauty shop, a grocery store, a bank, an appliance store, a hardware store, a fast food, a café, and some miscellaneous stores. Since the war, cars were very few, and getting gas to run them was extremely expensive. At one time, there had been two gasoline stations, but they had been closed for so long that James couldn't remember when anyone used them. Nowadays, getting around was on foot or bicycles. Many people still had old televisions in their homes, but most of the time they had no signals. Most people watched old DVDs to pass the time. The library had lots of movies, and James had seen almost all of them at least two times or more. James was a little over six feet tall, with light blue eyes, medium brown hair, and very slim. He was the only son of Robert and Diane Byner and was liked by everyone. James was the person who always tried playing it safe. However, Jason and Susan always got them into trouble. Somehow, trouble always found them. Jason was a tall, attractive, and six-two, with red hair and deep blue eyes. He worked out constantly and was well built. His arms were so big that James constantly teased him that if he flexed them too much; he would rip the sleeves on his shirt. Jason finally made his way over. Excitement flashed in his eyes. "Come on, we have to find Susan right now!" he said in a rush, then he turned around and sped off. James wasn't sure what was going on, but he hadn't seen Jason this excited in some time. He rushed to catch up. "What's going on?" James asked. "Just wait until we find Su

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