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The Lodge von Allen, Gregory (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 16.05.2014
  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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The Lodge

Paul is clipped by Destiny, his favorite dancer at The Lodge, a club where the entertainers carry leashes and target patrons wearing collars to lead to the private dance area. Collar boys pay double the usual rate to kneel while the dancers perform towering over them. Destiny teases Paul about how long it took for him to see her with a collar on. As his dance ends, she spanks him while he stoops and kisses her foot. She assigns Paul to be a regular on a weeknight for more time with her when the club is less crowded. He pays a leash fee for the privilege. He fetches her water, massages her feet, and crawls at the end of her leash through the club to aid her in attracting more collar boys. For her birthday, Destiny has Paul assist her in a stage show. She leads him around the stage, rides for fifty by sitting on his face, and has him stand in for her birthday belting. He willingly endures intense humiliation and punishment to remain graced as Destiny's favorite club customer. When he upsets her, he purchases time with her in the champagne room, where he is stripped naked and displayed to her fellow dancers. Destiny permits them to punish Paul before delivering his final punishment herself, and then allowing him to demonstrate his contrition by kneeling behind her and reverently kissing her ass. When Destiny discovers Paul has been spending money on her beyond his means, he is punished again, but some surprising commands demonstrate to Paul that his hired mistress is a caring guide in his life.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 16.05.2014
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781938897498
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The Lodge

Chapter One

Clipped by Destiny

At the door, in the windowless corridor before the windowless expanse of the floor of The Lodge, the option is given of buying a bracelet or a collar. Paul must have gone ten times in the span of a couple of months before he had the courage to spend the extra ten dollars. The doorman handed over the leather strap with a silver metal loop in the middle without much of a reaction, though Paul had his eyes cast down as he received it. He fit the collar snug around his neck.

He grabbed the handle of the door into the main room. Bass pounded from inside. The force vibrated in his hand, up his arm, through his body. He opened and stepped in. A conspicuous feeling still struck him when he first stepped into a club for the clear, sole purpose of viewing women naked, but with the collar on, every person in the room seemed to look over. He imagined as his eyes slowly adjusted to the dim lighting a filled club of patrons and entertainers enjoying the spectacle of him finally arriving with the collar on he'd been fantasizing about wearing since the change at The Lodge. Even the dancer on stage looked up, seemed to notice the collar, and smiled before unsnapping her bikini top and letting it fall.

Whether it had been a month or a day, the first glimpse of a pair of pink nipples upturned on fleshy mounds of tan softness was a glorious sight. The dancers offstage, moving among the room, were showing plenty of skin in their bikinis, but the treasures of pink were the reason for paying the price of admission. Paul went straight to the stage and pulled two bills from the wad of singles in his front pocket. He would give every dancer two for a stage show and some of his favorites he gave five. There was no way he would offer a hard working dancer the same dollar exotic entertainers have been getting for the last twenty years when she gave him ten seconds of her time. Inflation had occurred. They seemed to appreciate it and grant him extra attention. They knew him.

The dancer, Selena-he'd bought a couple of private dances with her in the past-tiptoed straight over and knelt. Her proximity immediately thrilled him. She leaned over with a hand on his shoulder and, cupping a breast with her other hand, caressed her nipple between her finger and thumb inches from his gaze. She spun on all fours and slammed her heels against the solid stage floor and gyrated her hips up and down, shaking her ass. She turned back around and sat at the rim of the stage and lifted the garter around her thigh, already loaded with money. Her brief dance lulled Paul into such a trance, he nearly forgot about the collar, but as he fed two dollars in-careful not to touch her thigh as badly as he wanted to-she pinched the collar and jiggled it, giggling.

He blushed.

The song came to an end, and Selena crossed the stage and picked up her top. She left it dangling from her hand and stood by the step in front of the backstage curtain. An elegant touch, the dancer leaving the stage always offered a hand to the next dancer stepping down in her heels. They announced her name, and Destiny emerged from behind the curtain. She caught Paul in her quick survey of the men around the stage, briefly smiled his way, but then she looked a second time as though just noticing the collar. Her smile grew. Paul's heartbeat quickened. He reached into his other pocket filled with several fives and pulled one out.

Destiny drifted away from Selena, released her hand, and twirled. Her tiny skirt rose above her hips and her string bikini bottoms flashed around the room. She always wore a skirt that hid most of her prominent feature: her gorgeous behind. An exotic dancer packing a large, round and firm butt could fill the stage any day of the week, but while her ass may have lured them closer, Destiny's best feature was her stage presence. She spun to the pole and smiled around the room at her admirers.

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