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The McGilley Trilogy von Wane, BJ (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 06.09.2013
  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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The McGilley Trilogy

Rumors had circulated for years in the Lexington area about horse breeders Brett, Colin and Donovan McGilley, especially about the activities that went on above their popular night club, Casey's. Kayla Holden was at Casey's to celebrate her twentysixth birthday and in the mood to do something wild and crazy and what could be wilder and crazier than enticing sexy, older Brett McGilley into inviting her upstairs for an up close and personal look at the sexual activities she had heard so much about. Even though Brett was attracted to Kayla, his taste for spanking and exhibitionism was not for someone so young and inexperienced. But Brett had no idea just how determined Kayla was to not only explore his sexual kinks, but to do so only with him. Colin McGilley had fallen for his best friend's wife, Olivia Hammond, the moment he met her and when Doug asked him to help gift her with a ménage on her birthday, he couldn't resist. The next three years, Colin carried the guilt of Doug's sudden death that next day while Olivia struggled with grief. But Olivia's need to find another Master to give her what she so badly craved sent her to Colin, this time asking more from him than friendship. Donovan McGilley has struggled with his quick temper ever since his rescue from the Iraqi's seven years ago, his worry over preferring rough sex keeping him from seeking a relationship outside of the few women who liked sex hard and usually with two men at their private club. But when veterinarian, Anna Kingston saves one of his beloved mares and he see signs of abuse on her body, he simply couldn't turn her down when she approaches him to explore the sexual fantasies that had led to ending her marriage. Meet the McGilley Brothers who like their sex kinky and on their terms, but try to do the right thing by turning down the women brave enough to take them on. Women who refuse to take no for an answer.


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The McGilley Trilogy

Chapter One

Brett McGilley was greeted with the loud beat of old time rock and roll music as he entered Colin's club and immediately felt his tension from a long grueling week in court ease as he made his way to the bar. Casey's, named after his, Colin's and Donovan's father, boasted its typical Saturday night crowd. Acknowledging people he knew with a nod or a wave, he waded through the throng until he got to the circular bar in the middle of the room manned by his brother, Colin.

His pro bono work as an advocate for child welfare and spousal abuse was emotionally draining at times but infinitely rewarding when he won justice for a neglected or abused child or woman as he did today. Knowing Sheila Monroe's scumbag of an abusive ex was going to prison for a good long while and his children no longer had to live in fear of their own father made the hours he had put in on this case worthwhile. Right now he needed a stiff drink to wash away the distaste of dealing with such scumbag.

"Congratulations." Colin greeted him by setting down a glass of his favorite bourbon from Knob Creek distilleries and thumping him on the back. "You haven't lost your touch big brother."

"Thank God, otherwise I might have been tempted to take matters into my own hands." Saluting him with his drink, Brett added, "Thanks, I needed this," before sipping the smooth liquor, savoring the smooth way it went down. "Donovan upstairs?"

"Yeah, said he needed to relieve some tension after dealing with the newer hires during foaling. Apparently college hasn't changed much since we attended. Young guys fresh out of high school still want to spend more time partying and screwing around than working and keeping their grades up."

"He'll have them sweating and loving it within a month and then they'll be too tired to party and screw around." Donovan's love of horses and the outdoors made him the logical choice out of the three of them to take up the reins of their father's two hundred fifty acre horse breeding farm that they all inherited after Casey McGilley's death in a small airplane accident five years ago. Even though Brett and Colin pitched in whenever possible, the stables required several full time employees as well as providing jobs for college students. The three of them had grown up in those stables, worked and played around the prized American Saddlebred horses since they could walk and could all agree that the hard work provided a satisfying outlet for young men who had a tendency to get into trouble if left on their own.

"You've got a good crowd tonight." Brett swiveled sideways on his stool so he could easily scan the crowd, a good number of them on the dance floor. His gaze skimmed over most of them until his attention was caught and snared by a girl who looked barely old enough to be in there legally. Long, wavy black hair whipped around a laughing attractive face as she spun and gyrated to the fast beat that the younger crowd preferred. She had kicked off her shoes sometime after entering the club, which, by the way she was moving, was a good thing. Dancing like that in heels could have been as detrimental to her safety as her dancing was to his libido. A quick twirl made her calf length, multi colored skirt flare out around her, revealing long, bare legs. She seemed totally oblivious to the lustful stare of her dance partner as he leered openly at the way her full, braless breasts swayed under her bright yellow halter top. Irritated with himself for lusting after a kid twenty years younger than him, he forced his attention away and turned back around to find Colin grinning mockingly.

"She's a sight for sore eyes, isn't she?"

Colin's grin widened at something the girl did, but Brett refused to turn back around. "She's a fucking kid, Colin."

Shrugging, Colin replied, "Old enough to be in here and drink. You know I'm careful about I.D. checks."

Colin had spent over ten

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