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What God Has Joined von Benton, Willie L. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 25.10.2014
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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What God Has Joined

Do you believe in SoulMates, the perfect match made in heaven? If so, you will absolutely love this romantic, exciting, and insightful story about forgiveness, reconciliation, and redemption. Like Puppy Love with a vicious bite.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 25.10.2014
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781483542447
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What God Has Joined


D evann Martin's spirit was high and lifted up. It was a lovely spring night in Atlanta , Georgia , and he could feel the glory of the Lord upon him as he strolled toward Jelly Beans skating rink during the wee hours of Monday morning. Having recently left the home of April Curtis, whom he'd just given an engagement ring to despite the fact they were only fourteen-years-old, he felt like he was floating on an orbiting meteor. Except his aching feet encased in the black leather brogans worn to complement his black denim outfit were a constant reminder that he was walking instead of riding.

Despite the pain, he felt like dancing and making joyful noises unto the Lord, because it had been a good day. A blessed day. And he was truly thankful.

Absorbed in this state of euphoria, he paid little attention to the vehicle approaching from the opposite end of the narrow residential road. Consequently, when the charcoal gray Audi sedan slowed then abruptly stopped, headlights ghastly illuminating him, Devann found himself staring at Torri Curtis before he could react.

Dang, she is the last person I needed to see! He thought.

"Boy, what are you doing walking around by yourself this time of night?" She wanted to know as she stuck her gorgeous, chocolate face out of the passenger side window. Framed loosely by long black hair streaked elegantly with a touch of gray, her facial expression was full of concern, reminding him of how much she had always cared for him and supported his relationship with her daughter.

Devann froze. Except for the involuntary fidgeting of his hands.

What could he possibly say to April's mother?

Tell a lie?

Tell the truth?

No, he couldn't tell her that he was coming from her house since she disapproved of him visiting April without parental consent - especially this time of night! He knew that was her rule, and she knew he knew it. Thus, there was no excuse for what he'd done.

Under the circumstances, could he expect Torri to believe, to understand, that he had stopped by her house with only the intention of dropping off April's Valentine Day present before going on to the skating rink? Could he expect Torri to sympathize with his desire to give April the engagement ring tonight instead of waiting until next week, the only chance he'd have to see his sweetheart again? Could he expect Torri to believe, to understand, that he hadn't expected April to invite him inside the house, and that they'd lost track of the time?

No. Even though it was true - every single bit of it - he seriously doubted Torri would go for it. Straight-up, the truth sounded preposterous. Unbelievable.

Interestingly, as a result of his current predicament, Devann now understood what was written of Rebekah, Issac's wife. He understood how she must've felt when Esau and Jacob struggled together within her womb. For he had two nations warring within him at the moment. One a nation of untruth, while the other was a nation of truth.

Like Esau, the nation of untruth was the firstborn. And like Jacob, the truth was holding the lie by the heel in an effort to reverse the birthright.

Still, the nation of untruth was prevailing since Devann refused to trust in the power of the truth.

"I... uhm... just came from my sister's friend's house looking for my sister," he finally replied, unable to look into the inquisitive brown eyes studying him. "She... uhm... left Jelly Beans with Marvena, and I haven't seen them since. And you know, I uhm...I was trying to find her because it's time for us to go home."

"Way past time for you to go home, if you ask me. For you, your sister, and Marvena. Is that the same Marvena who lives next door to April's friend, Sherrie, on Indian Trail?"

"Yes, ma'am," he replied, swallowing hard as he shoved his tell-it-all hands deep into the fro

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