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Whips, Chains & Wicked Women Slut Boy Stories von Edwards, Lance (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 26.07.2007
  • Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Whips, Chains & Wicked Women

Trading Places: When Eighteen year old Tara dresses up her football hero boyfriend Eric as a sissyslut, he has no idea that the little minx intends to keep him that way. A cock cage, hard punishment and strapon sex soon follow, as Tara has 'Erica' exactly where she wants him. At just 21, Nikki is a cruel Dominatrix. She'll stop at nothing until she has Slutboy Charlie turned into her tailwagging, buttlicking 'doggy', trained to obey, beg and slavishly serve her every demented sexual need. From Below, he finds his gorgeous wife/mistress the most delectable creature in the world, even when he's gagged, collared and reamed.Then, big, bold and beautiful, this Amazon Goddess plans to turn the mousy little Steve into her Lucky Thirteen. Her 13th victim is dressed up like a female prostitute, punished hard and fucked even harder. Then in Marty's Punishment, Marty's wife turns him into a feminized domestic. A speck of lint on the carpet, and he faces brutal bondage, a searing whip and her 'electrifying' strapon. Then it's an Endless Weekend, when Jill finally agrees to a date with the overeager Ken. The only condition: he submit to her all weekend. Teased, punished, hogtied and suspended, Ken suffers rough abuse from Jill and her girlfriends.Swallow Your Pride! That is what this Slutboy is forced to do, when he finds himself about to screw his fiance's girlfriend Cory. Little does he know that he'll soon be owned by two nasty Dommes. Then, when Greggy spies on his girlfriend Andi at an exclusive Riding School for girls, there's no end to the painful torture Andi and her girlfriends inflict on this horny male. Advice for Every Wife: This Mistress wife keeps her slutboy husband as a party toy: cuckolded, bound, buttfucked and abused in the company of his friends.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 26.07.2007
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781935897804
    Verlag: Pink Flamingo Publishers
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Whips, Chains & Wicked Women

Trading Places

Tara's Tale

Let's trip back to 1986. That's when this wonderful life of mine really started.

Even though we were only high school seniors, Eric and I were like an old married couple already. We'd been steady for nearly three years, and we'd even lived together for two months, having shared an apartment since we turned eighteen. Unfortunately, also like an old married couple we'd begun to bicker a lot, and our sex life had grown ever more unsatisfying. But finally I saw my chance to solve both those problems. Adroitly I maneuvered Eric to right where I wanted him. Then I began putting into play a plan I'd already devised with a few friends of mine on the cheerleading squad.

Actually, we were more than just 'friends'. Unbeknownst to Eric, I'd been bisexual for six months, cheating on him with a growing assortment of lesbian lovers.

I really had no choice in the matter - as I said, our sex life had become supremely unsatisfying. Football hero that he was, Eric's most important equipment was unfortunately junior varsity. Even worse, he'd developed an incorrigible problem with it: premature ejaculation.

I never blamed him personally for either of these deficiencies. After all, we are how we are made. And was I not the homecoming queen, and the hottest girl in school? My hair was then and still is a thick burnished bronze, my skin flawless and tanned and my eyes a dark cobalt blue. My body has always been effortlessly fit and my ass and tits the envy of everyone. What male in the world could possibly keep from coming at the sight of me unclothed and closing in on him?

Still, endless sexual frustration is intolerable - at least for me. For certain significant others it may be exactly what they deserve. Anyway, I eventually found I that could only get off properly by riding Eric's face.

He learned to be good with his lips and tongue, no doubt. And even better was the overpowering thrill I felt at holding him down, burying my fists in his hair, grinding my crotch in his face and even fucking his outthrust tongue. Yet soon even this wasn't enough. I needed a proper cock, goddamn it! Luckily I then learned of a certain cheerleader's clique that had suffered similarly, and had henceforth discovered some amazingly fulfilling accommodation.

I met them, joined them, and despite my lifelong heterosexuality, I quickly discovered an unquenchable thirst for having my pussy pounded with a big old strap-on dildo. More surprising still, after a period of delighted experimentation, I developed an even more insane craving for doing the pounding myself. Soaking up my classmates' feminist wisdom, I eventually became so dominant that I wanted nothing more than to forcibly feminize my supposedly stud-boy football player boyfriend. I'd teach him how to use a fucking cock! The more he annoyed and disappointed me, the more determined I became to turn him into my submissive little lifelong sissy slave she-male slut-boy. And finally he gave me the opportunity.

"Come on," he griped. "We're going to be late! Why does it always take you so long to get ready? Curling your hair, making up your face, dressing and undressing over and over again, it never ends!

"Not that I want to go to this party anyways," he immediately averred. "Your friends are always making innuendos about my dick, and that other little problem I have. Did you really have to tell everyone? I can't go anywhere without hearing about the alpha male ape with the sub-zed dick. If we have to go, I want to get it over with already."

Pissed off at his badgering, I was opening my mouth to tell him so. But then inspiration struck, and opportunity blossomed.

It was time to put an end to such tiresome bickering - and so much else - forever. Casually, giving no hint of my duplicity, I laid my trap.

"It takes time for me to look my best. You should appreciate it Eric: who else has such a h

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